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RDA COVID-19 Working Group Recommendations and Guidelines 2nd release published

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    Hilary Hanahoe

    Dear COVID-19 Working and sub-group members,
    The 2nd release is now available –
    Newsletters and communication to the community are now being published. and
    there are some highlights for you below.
    My sincerest thanks you all for the tireless effort, resources and
    expertise that you are all investing to generate these important and
    required Recommendations and Guidelines.
    Wishing you a pleasant weekend
    *2nd Release Highlights:*
    During the week since the first release we have seen the addition of two
    cross-cutting COVID-19 sub-groups focusing on Legal and Ethical aspects and
    Software. The seven sub-groups have kept up their relentless pace and the
    main updates in this version, with respect to the 1st release on the 24
    April 2020, include:
    · Section 3 -Foundational Principles/Recommendations – modifications
    · Section 4 – Clinical – updated
    · Section 6 – Epidemiology – revised
    · Section 8 – Omics – revised
    · Section 9 – Overarching Research Software Guidelines – new
    sub-section 9.3 initial guidelines for policy makers included
    · Section 10 – Overarching Legal and Ethical Guidelines added
    Furthermore, the editorial team have incorporated some of the feedback
    received via the Requests for Comments (RfC) process and sent directly to
    Co-chairs, Sub-group moderators and the Editorial team.
    The social sciences and community participation sub-groups are working on
    updates and additions for future releases.
    You are invited to visit each of the sub-group pages (accessible from the
    COVID-19 Working Group landing page) to see specific ongoing activities and
    links to documents and resources.
    *Timing, Future Releases and weekly webinars:*
    In terms of timing, we foresee weekly releases (every Friday) between now
    and 22 May 2020. More information and insights on the plans for those
    releases, as well as highlights from the sub-groups are given during the
    weekly webinar every Tuesday at 11UTC – see Events
    page for details and to
    access previous recordings and presentations.
    *Request for Comments:*
    As always, your feedback on the content of the releases, the scope, the
    direction, is vital for all involved to shape and focus the document and
    the sections to be a useful and meaningful tool.
    Providing comments is easy:
    1. Log in to the RDA web site
    2. Go to the Outputs page
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
    4. Write your comments in the box (you may upload notes/attachments
    too if you wish)
    5. Select “Save”
    *Call for Expertise:*
    *The Clinical Subgroup would greatly appreciate the help from clinical
    imaging data and immunological data experts. Please join the COVID-19
    Clinical group at *
    or contact the RDA Secretariat at enquiries[at]
    Hilary Hanahoe
    Secretary General Research Data Alliance
    Tel: +39-345-4719284
    email: ***@***.***
    skype: hilary.hanahoe
    Twitter: @hilaryhanahoe
    Orcid ID: 0000-0002-0328-3419
    RDA Foundation:
    RDA 16th Plenary Meeting, 10 – 12 November 2020, San Jose, Costa Rica – see
    RDA 17th Plenary Meeting, 20 -22 April 2021, Edinburgh, Scotland – see
    IDW2021 *(co-organised by RDA, CODATA and WDS and incorporates 18th RDA
    Plenary Meeting)*, 8-11 November 2021, Seoul, Republic of Korea – see
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