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Call for abstracts on samples for AGU Fall Meeting (abstracts due Aug 3rd)

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    Hello all,
    Apologies for cross posting – please find below a call for abstracts for
    the American Geophysical Union’s 2022 Fall Meeting. We are soliciting
    submissions from all domains to highlight global efforts on making samples
    FAIR/CARE compliant.
    The abstract submission deadline is 3 August (23:59 EDT/03:59 +1 GMT).
    Thank you,
    Sarah Ramdeen
    ****IN013*-*Global community efforts to make Samples, Specimens, and
    Sampling Features (as well digital information about them) comply with the
    FAIR and CARE principles****
    Billions of samples have been acquired, and are considered cornerstones of
    research in the Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences. Where
    catalogs of sample collections exist they are heterogeneous: few are online
    making it difficult for researchers to find and reuse samples, as well as
    locate any derived data (images, observations, analytical data, etc).
    Increasing costs of field campaigns and sites that can no longer be
    accessed mean the value of existing collections as reusable resources is
    evolving; multiple stakeholders are now trying to ensure samples comply
    with the FAIR and CARE principles.
    This session seeks papers on any part of the samples ecosystem from
    collection/creation to ultimate preservation/destruction, including those
    working on creating a global network of FAIR samples and data derived from
    them. Submissions are welcome from:
    – Researchers who collect/work with samples;
    – Professionals who manage samples (museums, repositories, etc.);
    – Cyberinfrastructure providers who support tools and services for
    Sarah Ramdeen – Columbia University
    Lesley A Wyborn – Australian National University
    – —
    Sarah Ramdeen, PhD

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