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RE: May be of interest to the Metadata IG: RDA Reproducibility IG

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    Keith Jeffery

    Rebecca –
    Thanks for forwarding.
    The charter looks good to me, and building on the old group would be both advantageous and sensible.
    A key aspect of reproducibility is the ability to locate the digital assets required (for the reproduction of the results) which in turn relates to curation, provenance and citation.
    Increasingly – at least in Europe – these links are being done through SKGs (Science Knowledge Graphs) – fully connected graphs of entities (objects) and relationships, the latter being first-class objects and with rich semantics. So, additionally, the SKG group of RDA (Andrea Mannocci ***@***.*** ) may be relevant.
    Best wishes
    Keith G Jeffery Consultants
    Prof Keith G Jeffery
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    From: Rebecca Koskela
    Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2023 5:44 PM
    To: Peer, Limor

    Cc: Tom Honeyman ; ***@***.***; Gooch, Mandy ; Keith Jeffery ; Alex Ball ; Metadata IG
    Subject: Re: May be of interest to the Metadata IG: RDA Reproducibility IG
    Yes, I agree that having the Reproducibility IG re-established is of interest to the Metadata IG. I’ve copied the other MIG chairs and the
    members of MIG so they can provide feedback on the proposed charter. Also, someone from MIG will be able to speak at the group’s session at
    Thank you,
    Rebecca Koskela
    Executive Director, Research Data Alliance US
    Email: ***@***.***
    Phone: +1 (507) 250-3210
    Skype: rjkoskela
    IDW2023 (co-organised by RDA, CODATA and WDS and incorporating the RDA Plenary Meeting), 23-26 October 2023, Salzburg, Austria – see updates
    On Tue, Jun 20, 2023 at 10:12 AM Peer, Limor
    Dear Rebecca,
    We write to let you know about our effort to re-establish the historical RDA Reproducibility Interest Group. We invite you to provide feedback on the proposed charter and to indicate whether a representative of the Metadata IG would be interested in speaking at the next plenary about the group’s work and its relationship to computational reproducibility.
    The community review period for the proposed charter of the Reproducibility IG ends on June 24, 2023. To view the proposed charter, please visit RDA Reproducibility IG Revised Charter. We encourage you and your group to review the charter, which details our goals and planned activities, and to provide feedback.
    We warmly welcome your and members of the Metadata IG’s involvement with the Reproducibility IG. In particular, should our session proposal be accepted at the Salzburg plenary, we invite you (or one of the group’s co-chairs) to participate and give a brief overview of how the group’s work touches on reproducibility.
    Background: The Reproducibility IG seeks to advance and enable reproducibility in research that is based on or producing datasets that require code. Our goals are to build bridges with the many RDA external efforts addressing reproducibility, doing so in coordination with the other RDA Working and Interest Groups where appropriate. Our efforts may also produce Working Groups that can develop recommendations and solutions. At the last plenary, the session “Computational Reproducibility: What’s Next for RDA?” and its attendees agreed that we should reestablish the historical Reproducibility IG. The objectives for this group are laid out in the new charter, which is now open for community feedback. Note that this takes the group in a slightly different direction compared to when it was first established. Over the years, many interest and working groups in the RDA have been tackling elements of reproducibility from more specific angles, either discipline or domain, or technical components. For this reason, the charter is quite heavily revised from its original form.
    Thank you.
    Reproducibility Interest Group Co-Chairs
    Lauren Cadwallader
    Mandy Gooch
    Tom Honeyman
    Limor Peer
    Limor Peer, PhD
    Associate Director for Research and Strategic Initiatives
    Institution for Social and Policy Studies | Yale University
    203-432-0054 | ***@***.***
    Web | Twitter | ORCID 0000-0002-3234-1593

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