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Three FDO events Coming

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    Dear RDA FDO-DF colleagues,
    in the coming days the FDO Forum will organise three open events which might be of interest for you and your colleagues. More information and the Zoom links can be found here:
    28.6.2023 at 13.00 UTC (15.00 CEST)
    A. Weiss, who is one of the most experienced experts in the design and implementation of Internet solutions for the industry, will explain the Gaia-X Federation Services. Gaia-X is a large European infrastructure initiative driven by industry requirements. The GXFS are addressing the topic of secure interaction between services in distributed federations, a topic that will be of great relevance for FDOs as well. So please feel free to join and prepare your questions.
    30.6.2023 at 14.00 UTC (16.00 CEST)
    E Schultes from the GOFAIR Foundation and his colleagues will present the concept of nanopublication and their implementations. Nanopubs are unitary assertions with associated provenance that are made referenceable by globally unique and persistent identifiers and are using the RDF framework. As is known nano-pubs are seen by some as a way to manage the increasingly large set of scientific results in a formal way enabling analytics on them.
    7.7.2023 at 13.00 UTC (15.00 CEST)
    As will be known, an increasing number of teams are working on FDO implementations and demonstrators. Most of these developments can be seen as unconnected islands. We are now preparing the next step to come to an international testbed (first a prototype) to integrate the islands, to develop validators that allow to test “interop”, etc. This will be a major step in developing a FDO framework allowing then stepwise many to connect to. Already now we can see that institutions from different regions/countries are interested to participate in the prototype testbed. A first simple version we want to show at the FDO conference in March 2024.
    The FDO Forum was very much criticised by being not open enough in its first 2 years when we were working hard on the basic specifications. With this first workshop on the FDO testbed we would like to invite everyone interested to participate in the further discussions. Of course, we would also like to encourage everyone to participate in developing testbeds, validators, adaptors etc. The FDO Forum will focus on its FDO specification work where still much needs to be done, and bring people together to work on implementations.
    Please, make an entry in your agenda and also inform your colleagues about these three events with fairly different topics and goals.
    best regards
    FDO Secretariat
    FDO Forum

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