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Register for the FAIR2022 Conference!

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    Dear RDA-FAIR-DO-Fabric colleagues,
    In roughly one month, the FDO2022 conference in Leiden will convene with 36 presentations and 14 posters on FAIR Digital Objects (FDOs), keynotes speeches by Matthias Scheffler and George Strawn, 5 panels with distinguished participants, and a final session on Friday endorsing a declaration. One of the foci of this conference will be to assess the state of where we are after roughly 21 months of work and where the FDO Forum should go in the coming months.
    Due to the focussed work of the FDO Forum, FDOs are now broadly discussed not only in academia but also in industry. Also, much work has been done in developing specifications, and a first version of a full specification paper that will bring different elements together will be ready before the conference. But there is still much work ahead of us.
    One of the most urgent actions will be to increase efforts to build demonstrators and reference implementations.
    We would like to encourage you to participate in these discussions regarding how the FDO Forum should organise itself and which actions are most important to take. So please make your voice heard and register for the FDO conference NOW! (
    Best regards
    Christine Kirkpatrick, Dimitris Koureas, George Strawn, Peter Wittenburg
    fdo-tsig mailing list

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