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IG Federated Identity Management – RDA 13th Plenary Meeting

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    Carlo Maria Zwölf

    Meeting title 
    Interest Group session on Federation Identity Management for Research (Remote Access Instructions)
    Collaborative session notes: 
    Meeting Location: Congress A
    Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities 
    FIM4R is a forum for communities to share challenges and ideas and to shape the future of Federated Identity Management for different research communities. The FIM4R community was established prior to the birth of the Research Data Alliance.
    Members from FIM4R agreed with the RDA ideal of a bottom-up approach (where data practitioners and communities are the major driving forces) and proposed the RDA FIM Interest Group. During the plenary session in Montreal, we discussed the coordination between the RDA FIM-IG and the FIM4R forum (…): we are hoping to connect with research communities within the RDA aiming to leverage identity federation. 
    The white paper discussed during the 11th Plenary (…) has recently become an RDA supporting output (…)
    The aim of the FIM IG is also to become a central point within the RDA for the discussion and consensus finding around the Authentication and Authorization issues.
    Additional links to informative material related to the group 
    More details on FIM4R can be found on
    The white-paper presented as a RDA supporting output:….
    The RDA group description:
    Meeting objectives 
    The access to certain research data and online services should be limited to an approved set of users. Solving the problem of constraining access to services and data to authorized people is a fundamental problem in research infrastructures where solutions are usually seen as the combination of an authentication component (identifying the user) and an authorization component (determining the user’s access rights). The primary impediment to resource sharing and interdisciplinary collaboration is the lack of an effective, interoperable FIM (Federated Identity Management) ecosystem. 
    The ability for a researcher to authenticate to online services using credentials from their home organisation can provide significant advantages in terms of usability and security. The necessary technical and policy foundations, however, are incomplete and require active participation by a wide range of stakeholders. 
    The FIM-IG recently produced an RDA-supporting output white-paper. This paper identifies the requirements of different disciplines and research communities for the successful integration of FIM. Recommendations are made to relevant stakeholders to ensure that future progress enables the authors’ vision. The paper has been widely circulated to groups whose engagement is critical to overcoming the barriers to widespread adoption of FIM.
    The goal of the proposed meeting is to discuss with RDA community the technical content of the white-paper (should it been extended for meeting further requirements?), the adoption strategies and coordinating the activities of test bed adopters and/or implementors.
    Meeting agenda
    Draft Program 
    Part 1
    – Presenting to community the white-paper v2, which is since 218 December 13th an RDA supporting output
    – Questions about the white-paper
    Part 2
    – Invited speaker session: people involved in research infrastructure and services (non exhaustive exempla: eosc hub, NIST,…) present their authentication/identity management strategies
    – Lessons learnt at CLARIN (Dieter Van Uytvanck) 
    – An update from ORCID (Laurel L. Haak)
    – Looking for synergies between invited speaker and FIM-IG core members
    Part 3
    – Coordination of test-bed solution and implementations. 
    – What does exist and may be reused?
    – What is missing and should be built? How to do that?
    Part 4
    – Conclusions
    Group chair serving as contact person
    Carlo Maria Zwölf
    Type of meeting
    Working meeting
    Target Audience
    For this open session we invite data practitioners, policy makers and community adopters who are familiar with Federated Identity Management to attend.
    Remote Access Instructions 
    coming soon

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