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Re: [fair4rh] RH definition: and GOSH roadmap today

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    Freyja van den Boom

    Dear Julian
    Apologies for missing the meeting .
    I do wanted to let you know my proposal for a talk about OScH was accepted for – State of Open Conference 24, in case people are interested check it out !
    And we have a roadmap writing session today for GOSH, if people have time. I was asked to host a break-out on policy so if you have any ideas please join !
    You are invited to joing the upcoming GOSH Roadmap coworking session on December 14! – General – Internet of Production Alliance Community
    (only for those who are interested read on !)
    I had another meeting because hurray I have a new postdoc position starting next year at Leiden University to conduct research on Quantum and how through creative research practices, we can improve the discussions and governance of emerging technologies.
    I am still defining the focus but my idea is to look at science communication and the role for exhibitions to improve the lack of impact academic research has in society including on policymaking.
    As you may know I have been adopting a transdisciplinary practice combining speculative design, futures studies with my background in socio-legal research on AI. Moving away a bit from focussing on the issues I wanted to further develop my somewhat novel research practice and how I could use this to help us gain and share better insights.
    This comes in part from my frustration having to read the same publications and hearing the same presentations and discussion especially about the need for new laws whenever something ‘new’ catches the attention of the media. Quantum is a new field for me but the same issues about governance come up with Google Glass (Yes I am that old) 3D printing, Drones, AR/VR, AI, Generative AI, Self-driving cars, IoT, Smart Cities, Generative AI etc etc. And I just want to try and do something different and see if using different means can help.
    Besides its fun to imagine what could possibly go wrong in 20-30 years from now and create plausible desirable scenarios and future artefacts to provoke discussions !
    Van: ***@***.*** namens juliencolomb via FAIR Principles for Research Hardware
    Verzonden: woensdag 13 december 2023 11:20
    Aan: FAIR Principles for Research Hardware
    Onderwerp: [fair4rh] RH definition, last steps
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    Dear all,
    We are gettiing close to a Research hardware definition document.
    We discussed this morning and would like to propose to name
    research hardware : physical object
    artifacts: each digital or analog objects related to the physical object
    documentation package: the bundle of all artifacts
    This would be depicted in Fig2 of the document, please comment in the google doc if you do not agree:
    I will go through the document next week and make sure the terms are used accordingly, unless there are discussions.
    Best regards,

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