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Operationalising Be FAIR and CARE

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    Collaborative Notes Link:
    Please check the virtual Plenary programme for remote access details

    Welcome to/Acknowledgement of Country [10m]
    Introduction [10m]
    Provocation [10m]
    Discussion [60m]

    1. First group option
    FAIR Data Maturity Model WG

    Additional links to informative material
    CARE Principles for Indigneous Data Governance:
    International Indigenous Data Sovereignty Interest Group page:
    FAIR Data Maturity Working Group page:
    Global Indigenous Data Alliance:
    US Indigenous Data Sovereignty Network:
    Te Mana Raraunga – Maori Data Sovereignty Network:
    Maiam nayri Wingara Indigneous Data Sovereignty Network:

    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    International Indigenous Data Sovereignty IG

    Avoid conflict with the following group (3)
    Ethics and Social Aspects of Data IG

    Estimate of the required room capacity

    I declare that I have informed the chairs of all the Working / Interest groups included in this joint meeting application.

    Meeting objectives
    This Joint Session will include background on the CARE and FAIR Principles and their implementation. The session goal is to advance maturity, criteria, and methodology to operationalise the CARE Principles in tandem with the FAIR Principles. Discussion topics include: methods to implement each of the CARE Principles; how to introduce and test the FAIR maturity criteria Indigenous data; ways to use and adopt FAIR maturity criteria WG procedure to achieve CARE maturity criteria.

    Privacy Policy

    Target Audience
    This meeting is aimed at those researchers working with Indigenous Peoples, nations, communities, or their data (i.e., data about Indigenous Peoples and nations/communities, including lands and resources) and those involved in research data governance who are interested in how the CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance are implemented alongside the FAIR Principles within the research data domain. This includes those with interests in data and human rights, social justice, digital citizenship, data ethics, the CARE and FAIR Principles, and collective/community rights.
    This Joint Session is one of four Indigenous data sovereignty focused events at the P15 RDA Plenary in Melbourne. The following events will be convened:
    1. International Indigenous Data Sovereignty IG Workshop, full day co-convened event
    2. Joint session with the International Indigenous Data Sovereignty IG and the FAIR Data Maturity Working Group (this event)
    3. Birds of a Feather Session on Traditional Knowledge Tags/Biocultural Labels
    4. International Indigenous Data Sovereignty IG session

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