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FAIR Data Maturity Model WG: 3rd face-to-face meeting

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    Keith Russell

    Welcome, objectives of the meeting  
    State of play
    General discussion (part 1) – strategic to practical issues
    General discussion (part 2) – indicators revision
    Action items and next steps

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    Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions IG

    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    The RDA Working Group “FAIR data maturity model” was established in January 2019 and aims primarily to develop a common set of core assessment criteria for FAIRness as an RDA Recommendation.
    In the course of 2019, the WG established a set of indicators and maturity levels for those indicators through participation and contributions from the WG members. Discussion takes place on the WG’s mailing list and on GitHub. As of the date of this session request, five WG meetings have taken place: three online GoTo meetings in February, June and September 2019 and two face-to-face meetings at the 13th RDA plenary in Philadelphia in April 2019 and at the 14th RDA plenary in Helsinki in October 2019.

    Meeting objectives

    Collaborative Notes Link:…
    Please check the virtual Plenary programme for remote access details

    This meeting will build on the work done in the period January 2019 through February 2020 and will provide an opportunity to discuss the outcome of the testing phase in which creators and maintainers of evaluation approaches verify the relevance and priorities of the indicators developed by the working group in 2019. In addition, a set of guidelines and a checklist related to the implementation of the indicators will be presented and discussed to gather feedback with the objective to further align the guidelines to the needs of the community.
    The meeting will provide an opportunity for the WG to meet and discuss in person, at the same time allowing a wider community of interested participants at the 15th RDA plenary to be informed of the work and to contribute to the finalisation of the indicators, the maturity model and the guidelines. This meeting will also provide a great opportunity to increase engagement and interaction with stakeholders in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, strengthening the global reach of the working group. This wider review and feedback are important in order for the WG to meet its goal of delivering a maturity model for FAIR data that is acknowledged and supported by a global community of researchers and further stakeholders, such as data service owners, funders and infrastructures from different scientific and research disciplines, the industry and public sector.

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