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Reminder: RDA Evaluation of Research IG meeting, Monday 29 April, 12:00 UTC

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    Francoise Genova

    Dear colleagues,

    You may not have all received the information we posted a few weeks ago about meeting. This message is a reminder that the RDA Evaluation of Research IG organises a pre-plenary IG meeting, which will be held on 29 April, 12:00 – 13:30 UTC, to discuss activities on evaluation of research held at the international level, in the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) and RDA, and at the institutional level by the Helmholtz Association.

    A presentation of CoARA Working Groups by Eva Mendez Rodriguez will enable us to begin to identify possible topics of interest for the liaison the IG is willing to establish with CoARA, by examining CoARA Working Groups’ activities. We will also hear presentations of the output of the RDA Sharing Rewards and Credit (SHARC) Interest Group by Anne Cambon-Thomsen and Laurence Mabile and of the Task Group Quality Indicators for Data and Software Products of the Helmholtz Association by Doris Dransch.

    You can register to attend the meeting through the link

    Hoping to meet you at these meetings,
    Amy Nurnberger, Devika Madalli, Emma Crott and Francoise Genova

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