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Asking for Volunteers – 2023 EGU Open Science and Data Help Desk

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    Shelley Stall

    Volunteer as a data or software expert for the Open Science & Data Help Desk to take place in conjunction with the 2023 EGU General Assembly (24-28 April 2023). The Open Science & Data Help Desk, a program of EGU Earth & Space Science Informatics Division, the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) and the American Geophysical Union (AGU), along with their respective partners, provides researchers with opportunities to engage with informatics experts in their domains. Through the Help Desk, researchers can learn about skills and techniques that help further their research and make their data and software more open and FAIR. The Open Science & Data Help Desk will be staffed with experts from the Earth science informatics community to answer data- and software-related questions and to demo useful resources.
    What’s new this year? The in-person space this year will be our largest yet, allowing us to feature more experts and more resources within a very prominent location in Hall X2 (Booth X224). This year you will notice that we added Open Science to our name. While we have always featured resources that can help researchers make their data and software more open, we (the organizers) want to acknowledge the growing importance and number of resources for doing so and especially bring some of these into the spotlight during the event this year.
    1. *In-Person*: Join us at the booth to answer data & software-related questions;
    2. *In-Person*: Join us at the booth to give a demo/tutorial of a tool or resource;
    3. Answer earth science data & software questions virtually (monitor Twitter and/or Slack and answer where you can);
    4. Contribute a recorded demo or one-pager about a tool or resource to our virtual resource gallery.
    To volunteer, please complete this brief form, as soon as possible by 5 April 2023. Learn more about specific options for participating here. Note: you do not have to be registered for the EGU General Assembly Meeting to participate virtually. You do have to be registered to participate in-person.
    After several successful virtual and in-person events at professional meetings over the last few years at the AGU Fall Meeting, the GSA Annual Meeting, the ESA Annual Meeting, the EGU General Assembly, the Ocean Sciences Meeting, and more, we are always looking for new and better ways to engage the researcher community. Don’t miss this chance to help others with data and software-related questions and to demo your tool or platform!
    Questions? Contact ***@***.***.
    Shelley Stall
    VP, Open Science Leadership
    202-777-7307(O) | (240) 676-0774(M)
    2000 Florida Ave. N.W. | Washington, D.C.20009
    Pronouns: She/Her; ORCID: 0000-0003-2926-8353

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