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Education and Training on Handling of Research Data IG (ETHRD-IG) at RDA P21 – agenda

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    Laura Molloy

    Dear ETHRD-IG members,
    Here’s the proposed agenda for our upcoming meeting at P21 in Salzburg / online.  We meet on Thursday 26 October, at UTC 12:00 – 13:30 // AT 14:00 – 15:30 // RDA P21 Breakout Session 6, in the Doppler Hall.  Online participants should use the Whova app to connect at meeting time.
    If you’re a speaker for our session, please observe your time allowance. As usual, we have a lot to cover so we’ll be closely following timings.  We really appreciate your participation in the IG!

    Part 1. Welcome and introduction. Jeanne (15 min)
    Introduction and welcome of the new co-chairs, invite for additional IG co-chairs and FG2 lead (5 min);
    Overview of current work, goals for this meeting (2 min);
    Focus Group 1 – Learning Outcomes [Jeanne on behalf of Gavin Chait] (2 min);
    Focus Group 2 – Learning Materials Landscape Overview/Gaps [Andrea Medina-Smith if present] (2 min);
    Questions (4 min). 
    Part 2. Showing and describing training materials. Chair: Magda. (60 min)
    2a) Three mini presentations:
    – Kevin Ashley of the Digital Curation Centre. Skills4EOSC. (5 min, in person);
    – Krzysztof Poterlowicz of University of Bradford. ELIXIR-UK training materials. (5 min, in person);
    – Venkataraman Shanmugasundaram of OpenAIRE. EOSC training materials (5 min, remote);
    Questions to the speakers (5 min).
    2b) Group work led by Jeanne (room) and Kati/Magda (online) (20 min):
    – Introduce method for the exercise (5 mins);
    – Interactive activity where participants describe their training materials using the minimal metadata set for learning materials (10 mins);
    – Participants to reflect on their contributions and discuss challenges they faced while creating or using training materials. (5 mins).
    2c) Discussions on the challenges and requirements unique to various disciplines. Jeanne (room) and Magda (online). (20 min)  
    – What about extended metadata?
    – What is missing in material usability, topic, audience / target groups?
    Part 3. Next steps. Chair: Magda. (15 min)
    Deriving from group report outs, identify potential future areas of work;
    Confirm commitments to next steps;
    Leads for focus groups;
    Align around goals for P22;
    Make another call for co-chairs!
    We’re looking forward to seeing you in Salzburg!  
    All the best from your co-chairs Jeanne, Magda, Kati, Amy and Laura. 

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    Dear colleagues,

    thank you for this invitation.

    I start my collaboration with a newbie question: where is this whova-link?

    Looking forward to seeing you

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    Mingfang Wu

    Hi Petra,
    You can access the Whova site here:

    and you can download the Whova app to access the event on your mobile

    After downloading, make sure to use the email address you used to register
    to the IDW when signing up on Whova mobile apps or web portal.
    If you need more guidance on how to use Whova to attend the event, please
    visit Whova User Guides

    Good luck!
    On Sun, Oct 22, 2023 at 8:11 PM Petra Steiner via Education and Training on
    Handling of Research Data IG wrote:

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