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Call for speakers at the data versioning IG plenary session RDA P21

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    Mingfang Wu

    Dear Group Members,
    We would like to bring your attention that the group is going to have a
    plenary session at the upcoming IDW. The session is titled: Revising the
    versioning principles: The road to actionable recommendations
    We are inviting you to join the group session and present your related
    Here is a bit of context:
    The group has delivered this supporting output: *Versioning data is about
    more than revisions: A Conceptual framework and proposed principles*
    in 2021, and collected about 38 use cases
    from about 33 organisations representing different domains and data types.
    In our last P20 group session, participants had a great discussion on the
    principles, the FRBR framework and use cases. Key suggestions include:
    – All metadata are at item level in FRBR framework; need to reconsider
    if FRBR model is appropriate, would a version be at the item end?
    – There is a lot of complexity (re the principles), may break down
    complexity to different stakeholders: academic, data producers, repository
    and alice. To make guidelines simple.
    – Need to make clear to users the difference in changes in metadata and
    Thus the P21 proposal is structured to reflect the above suggestions. There
    are agenda items to discuss the framework – FRBR or BiBFrame or any other
    suitable models, as well as items for participants to present their data
    versioning use cases – their practices and pain points.
    It will be very great and appreciated if you can present your thoughts on
    framework or use cases at the plenary session. The group session is
    scheduled on Day III, Wednesday 25 Oct. UTC 9:30-11:00 | AT 11:30-13:00.
    Please let us know by 30 September (2023) if you can present. Thanks!
    Kind regards,
    The group co-chairs: Jens, Lesley, Kirsten and Ming

    Dr Mingfang Wu
    *Australian Research Data Commons * T: +61 3 9902
    4646 | E: ***@***.*** | O:0000-0003-1206-3431
    Physical address: Monash University, Building T, Ground Floor, 100 Sir John
    Monash Drive, Caulfield East, VIC 3145

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