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IG Data Rescue – 13th RDA Plenary meeting

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    Lesley Wyborn

    Meeting title: Data rescue at the crossroads: where to next? (Remote Access Instructions)
    Collaborative session notes:
    Meeting Location: Commonwealth C
    Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities:
    The scope of the Data Rescue IG includes both traditional data rescue (recover / restore older datasets and metadata from outdated media / recording hardware) as well as addressing data-at-risk (identify data sets that need to be preserved and / or replicated anticipating changes in curation personnel and evolving technologies, so that they are available as a global resource).
    Understanding what these challenges and opportunities encompass will require sustained dialogue between all stakeholders in data rescue and data-at-risk, including Domain experts, Rescuers, Librarians and Repositories on successful preservation and subsequent sustainability of data-at-risk in a collaborative environment.
    Additional links to informative material related to the group:

    Group page: 
    Case statement:

    Meeting objectives:
    The Data Rescue Interest Group has been a mainstay of RDA for several years. There is no doubt that data rescue remains a critically important topic. However, the focus of the IG is shifting from its original stated focus on pre-electronic heritage data to include data born digital, in additional to other topics such as risk assessment and FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) data.
    With this shift in focus, it is time to review and update the specific stated focus and aims of a Data Rescue IG. This BoF/IG meeting will redefine the scope and aims of a Data Rescue IG, and to identify appropriate co-chairs moving forward. If necessary, a revised case statement will be developed.
    Meeting agenda:
    Introduction (10 minutes)
    Current stated focus of IG
    Summary of recent IG work
    Survey of room – top data rescue issues (30 minutes)
    Guided discussion on identified top issues (30 minutes)
    Summary and next steps (20 minutes)
    Target audience: Since Data Rescue involves so many individual disciplines and data domains, anyone is welcome to attend particularly if they know of a data set that is need of rescue: there is no preparation required.
    Group chair serving as contact person: Denise Hills
    Type of meeting: Working meeting
    Remote Access Instructions: coming soon
    Further information:
    The Data Rescue IG has been active for a considerable time. An informal BoF was held at Plenary 3 in Dublin in March 2014 on Data Rescue, and an IG was endorsed in June 2015. IG sessions, many joint with other groups have been held at every plenary since plenary 6 in Paris in September 2015.
    Previous Meetings:
    12th Plenary IG Gaborone (November 2018): Data Rescue in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities (
    11th Plenary IG Berlin (March 2018): Data Rescue – Determining data sets that are at risk and prioritizing their rescue (
    10th Plenary IG Montreal (September 2017): Data Rescue and Data At Risk: updates and new projects (
    9th Plenary IG Barcelona (April 2017): (1) Data Rescue/Data at Risk (
    (2) Data Rescue (joint with the IG Domain Repositories, IG Metadata, IG Big Data, IG Ethics and Social Aspects of Data –…)
    8th Plenary IG Denver (September 2016): Updates and Potentials: Drawn from the recent Boulder Workshop on “The Rescue of Data At Risk” (
    7th Plenary IG Tokyo (March 2016) : Rescuing, Re-Using and Sharing Data At Risk (joint with the IG Data Rescue, IG Data Fabric, IG Preservation e-Infrastructure, IG Domain Repositories, IG Libraries for Research Data –…) 
    6th Plenary IG Paris (September, 2015): The Data Corridor: You, The Past, and The Future (joint with the IG Geospatial, IG Big Data Analytics, IG Domain Repositories & IG Libraries for Research Data –

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