IG Data Rescue - RDA 12th Plenary meeting

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Meeting title
Data Rescue in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Collaborative session notes
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Short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

The scope of the Data Rescue IG includes both traditional data rescue (recover / restore older datasets and metadata from outdated media / recording hardware) as well as addressing data-at-risk (identify data sets that need to be preserved and / or replicated anticipating changes in curation personnel and evolving technologies, so that they are available as a global resource).

African nations may have different challenges and opportunities with respect to data rescue and data-at-risk than other nations that have been engaged with the Data Rescue IG recently. For example, governmental support of scientific research follows a different model in most African nations than what is the typical route in Europe or Asia. While this may result in some steep hurdles with respect to data rescue and preservation, it can also provide an opportunity to reassess the accepted data rescue methodology.

Understanding what these challenges and opportunities encompass will require sustained dialogue between all stakeholders in data rescue and data-at-risk, including Domain experts, Rescuers, Librarians and Repositories on successful preservation and subsequent sustainability of data-at-risk in a collaborative environment.

Additional links

Group page: https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/data-rescue.html 
Case statement: https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/data-rescue/case-statement/data-rescue...

Meeting objectives

Providing a review of the current state of data rescue
Understand key data rescue issues in Africa

Meeting agenda

0 - 10 Minutes Introduction and introductions: 
10 - 45 Minutes: State of Data Rescue / Data-at-risk in Africa (Chairs)
10 - 20 min Presentation on the state of data rescue internationally (S. Diggs)
20 - 35 Presentation on data rescue issues specific to the African continent (S. Hodson)
35 - 45 min Discussion / questions (All)
45 - 75 Minutes: Learning from Africa: Tools and techniques to improve data rescue everywhere (TBD)
45 - 55 min Harnessing citizen scientists globally for data rescue anywhere - the Australian DigiVol experience (L. Wyborn)
55 - 65 min TBD Presentation on the results of the RDA fellowsPresentation (RDA/US Fellows)
65 - 75 min Discussion / questions (All)


Group chair serving as contact person
Stephen Diggs

Type of meeting
Working meeting