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Trans-disciplinary Glossary for Research Data Management

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    Claire Austin

    I am very pleased to forward this announcement to you along with an
    invitation to participate in this interactive tool. Please feel free in
    turn to disseminate the announcement to your contacts.
    *From:* Walter Stewart
    *Sent:* August 17, 2015 6:49 AM
    *Announcing a new transdisciplinary Glossary for research data management*
    Research Data Canada (RDC) in partnership with the international Consortia
    Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information (CASRAI) is
    pleased to announce the launch of a PILOT for a new interactive Glossary
    containing 500+ draft terms and definitions to support work in the field of
    research data management. The glossary is publicly available under a
    Creative Commons Attribution Only license (CC-BY) at
    The Glossary is meant to be a practical reference for individuals and
    working groups concerned with the improvement of research data management,
    and as a meeting place for further discussion and development of terms.
    Each term has a unique identifier and a URL that can be used as a tool to
    enhance reading comprehension of documents by hyperlinking terms to their
    definition. The aim is to create a stable and sustainably governed glossary
    of community accepted terms and definitions, and to keep it relevant by
    maintaining it as a ‘living document’ that is updated when necessary. The
    URL for each term contains a link to a discussion page to complete the
    feedback loop with the community of users. The glossary is developed and
    maintained by RDC’s Standards & Interoperability Committee (RDC-SINC) in
    collaboration with CASRAI.
    *Walter Stewart, Coordinator*
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