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RDA P21 @ IDW 2023 – Notification of Outcome

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    Dear Co-chairs of the CODATA/RDA Research Data Science Schools for Low and Middle Income Countries,
    Thank you for your RDA P21 session application.
    The Technical Advisory Board has assessed all the proposals and, on this occasion, your P21 session application titled Pipelining participants of SoRDS events to RDA IG/WG participation and group updates has not been approved.
    The session selection process was very competitive and due to the limited capacity for sessions at P21 we could not accept more than one session per group.
    Since you have already submitted a joint session, ECI and LMIC engagement in the RDA, in collaboration with the Early Career and Engagement IG, the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) recommends merging your individual group session with your joint session.
    This will involve a review of the scope and objectives of your joint session to ensure each group’s goals can be accomplished.
    If you have any questions, please contact ***@***.***, or your TAB liaison, Noel Chibhira (in cc).
    We look forward to your participation in P21 as part of IDW 2023 either in person or online, and on behalf of TAB and Secretariat, thank you for your ongoing engagement with the RDA.
    Best regards,
    RDA Secretariat

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