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TOMORROW (13/9, 14:00 UTC): WorldFAIR Output Webinar Series: Updates from Chemistry and Nanomaterials

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    Dear Group Members, 
    The WorldFAIR Project sets out to produce recommendations, interoperability frameworks and guidelines for FAIR data assessment. We are running a webinar series aiming to promote and discuss all published and upcoming deliverables and project outputs. The webinars will run from May 2023 to May 2024. They are free to attend. You can find out more about upcoming webinars and catch up with the event recordings on the dedicated webpage on the WorldFAIR website.


    WorldFAIR Output Webinar Series: Updates from Chemistry and Nanomaterials

    13 September, 14:00-15:00 UTC
    Register here!
    This webinar will discuss the work of the WorldFAIR Case Studies on Chemistry and Nanomaterials, also covering their recently publshed reports. 
    WorldFAIR Chemistry: Aligning IUPAC Standards with FAIR Data Practices
    Report: Digital recommendations for Chemistry FAIR data policy and practice
    This report reviews some of the critical and persistent issues around documentation of chemical information. It also considers documentation requirements to achieve FAIR sharing of chemistry data in ways that are Reliable, Interpretable, Processable, and Exchangeable (RIPE), and with minimal loss of quality.
    Speaker: Leah McEwen, Cornell University
    WorldFAIR Nanomaterials: Towards unique representation and identification of nanomaterials – supporting FAIR Data Practices.
    Report: Nanomaterials domain-specific FAIRification mapping 
    The goal of the WorldFAIR Nanomaterials project is to pioneer practical real-time solutions to enable FAIR nanomaterials data. This deliverable presents the initial FAIR implantation Profile (FIP) which describes the current state of the field (an ‘As-Is’ FIP) and discusses the domain-specific challenges relating to nanomaterials and its FAIR landscape. It then lays out the developments needed to reach the ‘To-Be’ FIP, as the optimal approach to make nanomaterials and nanosafety data FAIR, based on current best practice.
    Speaker: Iseult Lynch, University of Birmingham
    More information on the event and the speakers can be found on the event page.

    Coming up next: 

    20 September 2023, 13:00 – 14:00 UTC. 
    Updates from Biodiversity and Agriculture. Register here. 
    This event will feature the following presentations: ‘Overview of the GBIF Unified Data Model’ (Joe Miller and John Wieczorek, GBIF) and ‘Use cases for agriculture-related pollinator data standards’ (Debora Drucker, Embrapa). A panel discussion on connecting the work of the two case studies will follow (John Wieczorek, University of California, Berkeley; Tim Robertson GBIF; Joe Miller GBIF; Debora Drucker, Embrapa; Maarten Trekels, Meise Botanic Garden; José Augusto Salim, University of Campinas). More information can be found on the dedicated event page.

    Kind regards, 


    Alex Delipalta 
    On behalf of the WorldFAIR Project

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