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Proposed changes to our Archives and Records Professionals IG

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    Dear all,
    Many thanks for participating in the Archives and Records Professionals for Research Data IG. As you are aware, the group has been rather quiet over the past while as the co-chairs have not had the capacity to be more active in their roles. Please find below a proposal on how we can reinvigorate the work of the group. We’d appreciate any comments or feedback you have by next Wednesday, December 6th – please feel free to share comments on the list or send them to the co-chairs directly.
    We recognise that there is, and always has been, a need for a space to discuss issues pertaining to archives and records management within RDA and are keen for this community to continue. We now feel there is an opportunity for this group to evolve, based on the conversations and themes emerging from the most recent plenary in Salzburg. In particular a BoF organised by Beth Knazook ‘Why aren’t we Talking about Collections as Data ?’ chimed with a number of topics that we, as Archives and Records professionals encounter on a daily basis.
    A presentation by Beth Knazook, Digital Repository of Ireland, on the need for a Collections as Data IG can been viewed here:
    The proposal for a Collections as Data IG has a lot of support and we feel that by combining our resources and efforts with the energy and resources of this emerging group we would be able to provide our RDA members with a continuing platform to discuss issues of interest, and be in a much stronger position to support our communities. We therefore propose adapting our charter to encompass the Collections as Data movement, and to rebrand as the Collections as Data IG. As co-chairs we are fully supportive of this group rebranding, and we would like to request feedback from members on this proposal.
    We have created a version of our charter for your comments and feedback on where changes might be required here:…. You are also invited to attend a meeting of the Collections as Data group to review comments on the draft charter and determine next steps for the formation of the CaD IG. You can respond to a Doodle poll for this meeting to indicate your interest in attending, here: A number of people have offered to co-chair the Collections as Data IG (Joan Murphy, Digital Repository of Ireland and Thomas Padilla from the Internet Archive (and/or his nominee)) – and we would welcome other expressions of interest.
    If the members do not feel this change is appropriate, the Collections as Data IG will continue the process of establishing itself as an IG within RDA. We would then need to consider the future of the Archives and Records Professionals group separately.
    Please do give us your feedback on this proposal and if you would be interested in becoming involved as a co-chair of the new IG, please get in touch.
    Best wishes,
    Rebecca, Laura, Hea Lim
    Dr. Rebecca Taylor-Grant
    Head of Data & Software Publishing
    240 Blackfriars Rd
    London SE1 8BF
    Information Classification: General

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