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Updates on meeting logistics re: US government shutdown

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    Lynn Yarmey

    Hi all,
    I first want to truly thank all of you who went well out of your way to offer D.C. connections, and to follow up on potential spaces for our meeting. I so appreciate each of your efforts and committment!
    With thanks to Steve Diggs, we have a great meeting space at the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology offices in Bethesda, MD (, 15 minutes from the Hilton Gaithersburg. They have a telecom setup with mics and speakers that I am hoping will better support our remote participants. I am attaching the lastest participant list I have at the bottom of this message – If your plans have changed, please let me know.
    For those at the HIlton Gaithersburg (where we have our room block), I am working on transportation logistics and will keep you all informed on carpools or shuttles. For those not at the Hilton, the Metro isn’t terribly convenient to the FASEB location, but Uber and Lyft are common in the area. You are also welcome to get yourself to the Hilton to join us for coordinated transport. The weather in the Gaithersburg/Bethesda area looks to be partly sunny next week with no precipitation forecast and balmy temperatures at 40 deg F/4 deg C.
    Should the US government re-open between now and Wednesday, please tune in for any updates, and email me off list ( if you have questions or concerns. In the meantime, I’m glad to have a nice space for our discussions, and I look forward to seeing you all next week!  
    In person:

    Francoise Pearlman
    Helen Glaves
    Ilya Zaslavsky
    Jay Pearlman
    Julia Collins
    Juliane Schneider
    Kerstin Lehnert
    Lynn Yarmey
    Natalie Meyers
    Neil Chue Hong
    Rebecca Koskela
    Robert Downs
    Steve Diggs
    Paul Uhlir
    Dimitris Koureas
    Gary Berg-Cross
    Hilary Hanahoe
    Dave Martinesen


    Francoise Genova
    Andrew Treloar
    Denise Hills
    Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn
    Stephanie Carroll Rainie
    Sarah Ramdeen
    Ville Tenhunen
    Laura Molloy
    Fiona Murphy

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    Paul Uhlir

    That sounds great, Lynn (and Steve). This is to let people know that I will
    be driving to the meeting and can give a ride to a few participants (up to
    4; 3 comfortably). I can do so every day, except for when the meeting ends
    on Friday. First come, first served.

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    Paul Uhlir

    Thanks, Lynn. I got your response but also got this warning. I figured I
    should forward it to you.

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    Hi Lynn,
    It seems unlikely that I will be able to attend. I have two important
    proposals due that are critical for the future of my group and need to
    focus on those. Plus a huge backlog after spending much needed time with
    family in Germany.
    I will try to call in for parts of the meeting.

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