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Updates on meeting logistics re: US government shutdown

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    Lynn Yarmey

    Hi 10th WG/IG Chairs group members,
    As noted in my email from December, in response to the US government shutdown we are working to move the meeting location from NIST to another venue.  To do this, I need a more accurate head-count of attendees.  I unfortunately do not have access to the NIST registration list that many of you have surely filled out.  I am attaching the latest attendees list I have at the bottom of this message.   ACTION – Please review the list below, and let me know if your intentions are different than what is reflected by sending me a separate email (  –  rather than replying to all).
    I hope to have more information on venue very soon.  Sincere thanks for your patience in the meantime!
    10th WG/IG Chairs meeting participants

    Andrew Treloar (remote)
    Denise Hills (remote)
    Dimitris Koureas
    Francoise Genova
    Francoise Pearlman
    Gary Berg-Cross
    Helen Glaves
    Hilary Hanahoe
    Ilya Zaslavsky
    Jay Pearlman
    Julia Collins
    Juliane Schneider
    Kerstin Lehnert
    Leah McEwen
    Lynn Yarmey
    Natalie Meyers
    Neil Chue Hong
    Paul Uhlir
    Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn (remote)
    Rebecca Koskela
    Robert Downs
    Sarah Ramdeen
    Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa (remote)
    Stephanie Carroll Rainie (remote)
    Steve Diggs
    Wo Chang

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