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10th WG/IG Chairs Meeting

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    Rebecca Koskela

    The change in venue has been challenging but we do have a place to hold the
    meeting that makes remote participation possible. I’ve attached the
    agenda. The WG/IG updates are important but as the number of groups (last
    I looked it was 100! but it changes daily)
    gets larger, we need a way to have all those participating give updates and
    at the same time not
    use all the meeting time to do this so for this meeting we’ve chosen to go
    with 3-minute updates. I understand that this can be challenging so one
    way is to respond to a set of questions. Here’s a set of questions that
    have been discussed at past meetings:
    1. Brief recap of purpose of WG/IG and planned outcomes/aims?
    2. What has been accomplished to date?
    3. What issues, challenges, problems, have been encountered (technical
    and/or operational)?
    4. Is your work related to/coordinated with other WG/IGs?
    5. How does your work fit into the RDA mission?
    Bottom line is to give an update on your group and try to accomplish this
    in 3 minutes so that we have time for a discussion. I think the goal is to
    talk about what is important to your group and possibilities for
    collaborations with other groups. So, if you want to give an update for
    your group or groups, please email Lynn (***@***.***) so that we can add
    you to the agenda.
    Looking forward to next week – if you have any questions, please contact us!
    Executive Director, DataONE
    University of New Mexico
    1312 Basehart SE
    Albuquerque, NM 87106
    Email: ***@***.***
    Cell: (505) 382-0890
    Fax: (505) 246-6007


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    Hi All
    I was a late registrant, so apologies for not being able to locate the dial in instructions. Can you ping them to me plus any notes document please?
    Thanks, Fiona
    Fiona Murphy
    Murphy Mitchell Consulting Ltd
    E: ***@***.***
    M: +44 7469993668
    S: Fionalm27
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    The number for remote participation hasn’t been posted yet but will be
    there soon.
    Executive Director, DataONE
    University of New Mexico
    1312 Basehart SE
    Albuquerque, NM 87106
    Email: ***@***.***
    Cell: (505) 382-0890
    Fax: (505) 246-6007

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    thanks for all you are doing to keep this meeting going ahead in the face
    of the shutdown.
    Thanks also for the agenda. I’ve now reviewed it and think I probably won’t
    attend remotely on days 2 or 3. They start at 0100 for me. I will attend on
    Day 1, though.
    Look forward to joining you all then.

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