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Collaborative session notes

Group(s) submitting the application: National PID Strategies Interest Group

Meeting objectives:

The key objective of this meeting is to discuss equity challenges in National PID Strategies such as geography, language and economic factors that negatively impact access to and use of persistent identifier infrastructure. We will introduce the Interest Group, share an update on IG activities including RDA supporting materials (a Guide, Checklist and Case Studies to aid National PID Strategy development). We will then have a panel of speakers to present their thoughts and experiences facing equity challenges in the development of National PID Strategies. This will include context setting, examples of challenges and approaches, Q&A and an extensive open discussion on these issues. We will also look at how the IG may be of help in addressing these challenges.

Meeting agenda: 

  1. Introduction to the IG and update on activities (co-chairs)
  2. Other PID Session highlights
    • Brief updates from the PID IG, the Empowering an Irish PID Strategy session, and the Working with PIDs in Tools IG
  3. Equity challenges for National PID Strategies (panel discussion)
  4. Summary and close

Target Audience: 

Researchers, PID providers, research information managers, publishers, policymakers, funders, service providers. Anyone with an interest in developing policy and implementation strategies that leverage the power of persistent identifiers at scale.

Group chair serving as contact person: Natasha Simons

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The National PID Strategies Interest Group aims to:

  1. Facilitate information exchange between those developing and/or delivering national PID strategies
  2. Facilitate engagement between developers of national PID strategies and international PID providers such as ORCID, DataCite and CrossRef’
  3. Collaboratively develop the value proposition for national PID strategies overall as well as its component parts (such as grant identifiers, person identifiers, organisation identifiers) that can be reused/adapted by the community
  4. Collect case studies of national PID strategies from countries across the globe 
  5. Maintain outputs (the Guide, Checklist and Case Studies) produced by the National PID Strategies WG

Short Group Status: 

The National PID Strategies IG had its first meeting at P21 Salzburg in 2023 as part of a joint session with the RDA Working with PIDs in Tools IG. It is the successor Group to the National PID Strategies Working Group which wrapped up in June 2023. The IG explores how Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) form part of national policy and research infrastructure implementation frameworks. The Group recognised that there are systemic and network benefits from widespread and consistent PID adoption, and funders, government agencies, and national research communities have created PID consortia or policies (including mandates) in pursuit of these benefits. The Working Group concluded in June 2023 producing a Guide, Checklist and Case Studies and IG now maintains these outputs. With national PID strategies on the rise and in rapid development, the Interest Group was formed to continue discussions and build on the outputs of the Working Group.

Type of Meeting: Working meeting

Avoid conflict with the following group (1)PID IG

Avoid conflict with the following group (2): Working with PIDs in Tools IG

Meeting presenters: IG co-chairs will provide an introduction to the group and the topic. We will issue an open call to the IG members to put together the panel of speakers on the key meeting topic.

Are you willing to host a second, repeat, session at a different time zone?: Yes