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NTRO Gaggle – Boosting non text support through experiential and collaborative effort

12 FEB 2024

Collaborative session notes

Submitted by Adam Vials Moore

Meeting objectives: 

Meeting agenda: 

Type of Meeting: 

Working meeting

Short introduction describing any previous activities: 

Globally, there are many research communities that create ‘non-traditional’ or ‘non-text’ process and products (rather than simply ‘outputs’) – typically referred to as NTRO.

The BoF organisers ran PR Voices,  a scoping project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in the UK between January and July 2022. The project worked with the UK practice research community to coproduce recommendations for NTRO to achieve parity amongst research products. This built on research and communities formed over many years (see related work) and international discussions and links. 

This session will bring together these varied national / international communities; those producing similar outputs and those creating infrastructure to support them, as well as interested parties, to share experiences and discuss potential next steps within the RDA context.

How do we move the international capture, storage, discovery, open standards landscape to give this research parity (rather than  continue to be considered the unspecified OTHER)?

What are the implications of

for the RDA community? (e.g in terms of FAIR, PIDs, representing lifecycles and the associated tools, preservation, etc etc)

How do we influence conversations around ‘open science’ to respect all contributors to research – so that there is transparent access and open where possible – rather than assuming all should be completely open?

BoF applicant serving as contact person: 

Adam Vials Moore

Additional links to informative material: 

PR Voices Project

Dis-counting Open Access in the Humanities – Against The Grain, Feb 2024 

FAIR and Open Non-Traditional Research Outputs Project Report – Council of Australian University Librarians

Commission on Fostering and Sustaining Diverse Digital Scholarship (American Council of Learned Societies )

OR2023 sessions

NISO Plus 2022

Westminster work

Meeting presenters: 

Dr Adam Vials Moore (Jisc), Jenny Evans (University of Westminster)

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RDA-OfR Mapping the landscape of digital research tools WG

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National PID Strategies Interest Group

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