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Building Collaborative Bridges: Fostering Collaborations within RDA

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    Alexandra Kokkinaki

    5’ VSSIG Introduction 
    7’ + 3’ Q&A  Updates from i-adopt  – updates – Gwen, Barbara
    10’ + 5’ Q&A Metadata IG,  Rebecca Koskela
    17’+ 3’ Q&A WG on multilingual vocabularies in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH), Najla Rettberg/Arnaud Gingold
    17’+3’ Q&A Semantics in Material Science: Ontocommons and the “Data representation in chemistry and materials based on harmonized, FAIR terminologies and ontologies” WG – Gerhard Goldbeck
    5’ Q&A About Mappings, Yann Le Franc
    5’ Recommending Terms and Ontologies and Ontology Resources You May Know, John  Graybeal
    10’ – Interactive session: how should we work together with the different WGs and IGs dealing with domain specific semantics?   

    Additional links to informative material

    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    InteroperAble Descriptions of Observable Property Terminology WG (I-ADOPT WG)

    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    Our vision is to harmonize our ways of working/current practices with Semantic Web technologies through Knowledge and Expertise exchange across all domains. 
    The Vocabulary and Semantic Services Interest Group (VSSIG) mission is to form a network of experts in the realm of Semantic Web and Linked Data. Based on this network, we seek to share and discuss new technologies, controversial concepts, new ideas, existing recommendations. From these interactions we will seek/trigger to develop community-based approaches and recommendations to make semantic artefacts knowledge organization systems (i.e. controlled vocabularies, ontologies, and their associated services) findable, accessible, interoperable, and re-usable (FAIR data principles). 
    The group was established seven years ago and constitutes a forum for semantic researchers and experts, operational semantic repository managers, ontologists etc. to connect and discuss issues and possible solutions, and share knowledge and latest developments in the domain.

    Estimate of the required room capacity

    I Understand a Chair Must be Present at the Event to Hold the Breakout Session

    Meeting objectives
    Click here to view the collaborative session notes
    Technical aspects related to Semantics are discussed across RDA groups. Therefore, VSSIG is aiming at federating the discussions by reaching out to other interested IG and WG to support convergence. 
    During this session, alongside the customary updates on the group’s activities, the VSSIG will actively engage with other IGs/WGs, such as the Metadata IG and emerging community-specific Working Groups focused on semantics, in order to foster enduring collaborations. We will also showcase the ongoing efforts and discussions related to mappings, which generated significant interest during the previous plenary session. To wrap up, we will facilitate an interactive session where participants can share how they explore and select ontologies, vocabularies, and mappings.

    Please indicate at least (3) three breakout slots that would suit your meeting.
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