Standardisation of Data Categories and Codes WG


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Status: Recognised & Endorsed

Working Group on Standardisation of data categories and codes, working specifically with the ISO 639

The outputs of this Working Group will assist with greater data sharing, data discovery, and interoperability of repositories/archives.

Who benefits:
•interdisciplinary researchers
•in-domain researchers
•researchers’ institutions (through increased visibility and accessibility)
•data collections/repositories (visibility, accessibility)

•Engagement with ISO processes in support of standardisation of  ISO639 by TC37/SC2
•Establishment of Australian mirror committee of TC37

Recent Activity

20 Nov 2013

Item 2c: CMDi sub-group


Dependent on completion of tasks in other areas, therefore nothing immediate.


(sign-up here for membership in this sub-group and/or for specific tasks)

Menzo Windhouwer


In ISOcat ( there has been a group created for cooperating on the selection of creation of relevant data categories. Please send an email to Menzo Windhouwer if you want to receive an invitation for that group.


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20 Nov 2013

Item 2b: Language Codes


1. Begin process of forming Australian mirror of ISO TC 37

2. Ensure access to expertise for languages and language families whose scholarship is not currently represented, especially mainland Asian languages and African languages.

3. Review documents for current ISO processes, especially parts 4 and 6 and prepare suggestions for submissions.(Sebastian to advise on relevant documents)

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20 Nov 2013

Item 2a: Content description


1. Collect information on current schemes for content description in relevant disciplines:

  • linguistics
  • musicology
  • performance studies
  • others?

2. Use this information as basis for proposal for a content decscription vocabulary.


Task 1 - by end February 2014

Task 2 - by end March 2014

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