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SSHOC’n Tell Challenge. Try our tools and tell your user story!

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    SSHOC invites you to the SSHOC’n Tell Challenge, an exciting online event, part of the SSHOC final conference Advancing SSH Research with SSHOCingly good and sustainable resources on the mornings of 6 & 7 April. 
    From January 2019 to April 2022 SSHOC transformed the current social sciences & humanities data landscape with its disciplinary silos and separate facilities into an integrated, cloud-based network of interconnected data infrastructures. To promote synergies and open science initiatives between disciplines, and accelerate interdisciplinary research and collaboration, SSHOC data infrastructures are supported by the tools and training which allow scholars and researchers to access, process, analyse, enrich and compare data across the boundaries of individual repositories or institutions.  
    The SSHOC’n Tell Challenge invites Social Science and Humanities (SSH) researchers, data experts, trainers, reseearch librarians and archivists, research infrastructure professionalsn and citizen scientists to try out the SSHOC tools and tell their user story! fun challenges have been defined across 4 topics:

    SSH Open Marketplace
    Interoperability and Multilinguality
    SSH training
    Wild Card. Advance your own research

    Check out the prizes here
    All related information and additional details on how to participate can be found directly on the SSHOC’n Tell challenge platform
    Join the SSHOC’n Tell Challenge! 

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