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Guidelines and toolings for publishing structured metadata on the Web

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    Mingfang Wu

    Collaborative session notes:…

    (15 mins) intro to the group and the two outputs

    (40 minutes) Invited lightning talks (candidate speakers, to confirm when a breakout slot is allocated)

    Polar Pilot Federated Search (from WDS-ITO: Melinda Minch/Chantelle Verhey); 

    Common Metadata Framework – extending the Crosswalks to Mobilize Computable Biomedical Knowledge (Brian S. Alper, Computable Publishing LLC, Scientific Knowledge Accelerator Foundation) 

    CCADI to talk about their metadata mediator/semantic mediator (tooling built to mediate between various schemas through crosswalks created by the CCADI team — and used our crosswalks to jump off from) (Rebekah Ingram)

    A mapping process for RDF data from different data models/ontologies to using SPARQL CONSTRUCT queries (Tobias Schweizer, SWITCH)

    Cross-domain linguistic extensions for data model schema ontology crosswalks using open-source tools for creating machine-actionable version controlled collections (Lindsey Anderson, PNNL).

    (25) Discussion:

    Adoption of the outputs, experience exchange  from implementation/consumption of structured data

    Toolings for facilitating crosswalks and the publishing process

    (10 minutes) Summary and Closing remarks

    Additional links to informative material
    This working group was endorsed in September 2019, as a spinoff from a task force “Using for Research Dataset Discovery” of the RDA Data Discovery Paradigms IG.
    The group’s case statement is available here. 
    The group has delivered the following two outputs:

    RDA endorsed recommendation: Guidelines for publishing structured metadata on the Web
    RDA supporting output: A Collection of Crosswalks from Fifteen Research Data Schemas to

    So far, the group has organised the following activities:

    A group session at the P18 (Session page)

    A group session at the P17 (Session page)

    A group session at the P16 (Session page)

    A group session at the P15 (Session page)

    A group session at the P14 (Session page)

    A BoF session at the P13 (Session page).

    A un-conferencing session at P12 (slides) (Organised by the DDP IG).

    Discussed starting a task force in DDP IG session at P11 (slides).

    The group organises regular bi-monthly virtual meetings in 2022 (Please join the group to get meeting reminder)

    Are you willing to hold your session at multiple times to accommodate various time zones?

    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    Data Discovery Paradigms IG

    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    This working group provides a platform to complement, build on and extend efforts from, and the like communities in applying and extending the core vocabulary for describing research datasets and related resources. 
    The outputs include: 

    A generic ‘conceptual data model’ with essential types and properties for research data discovery over the web. The model will be built on,,, DCAT, DDI-DISCO and SSN schemas from some representative research domains, and data discovery use cases. A research domain can map their schema to the conceptual model when they publish data to the web or exchange metadata between data portals/repositories.

    Guidelines of common patterns for publishing metadata landing pages with structured data markup, and guidelines of how to customise the research schemas for targeted domains with examples.

    Toolings for making the implementation easier if resources are available. This could include collecting and cataloguing tools that generate, validate and parse & DCAT markup, etc. 


    Group chair serving as contact person
    Mingfang Wu

    Meeting objectives
    The Research Metadata Schemas Working Group has planned three tasks when started: 1) Guidelines for publishing structured metadata markup,  2) A generic conceptual data model and 3) Toolings for supporting the publishing process. The group has delivered two outputs to support the first two tasks in the past  two years. On that context, our objectives of this session include: 

    Introduce the group to new RDA members

    Introduce the two outputs from the group: 

    Guidelines for publishing structured metadata on the web

    A collection of crosswalks from fifteen research data schemas to

    Showcase and discuss output adoption use cases

    Start discussion on the topic: Toolings for making the implementation of structured metadata

    Please indicate the breakout slot (s) that would suit your meeting
    Breakout 4, Breakout 6

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