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Status of and plans for provenance interest group and working group

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    David Dubin

    I’ve schedued two thirty minute call in meetings to discuss the current status of and plans for the RDA Research Data Provenance Interest Group and the Provenance Patterns Working Group. The first will take place a little under 24 hours from now on July 23 at 12:00 UTC. I hope that time will be convenient for European members and early risers in the eastern half of the US. The second will take place thirteen hours later on July 24 at 1:00 UTC. That time should be better for Oceania and the western half of the US. The attached ICS files should let your calendars give you the exact hour for your time zone, and include instructions for connecting via the Zoom client, web browser, or by phone.
    The connection URIs are:

    July 23, 2019, 12:00 UTC 
    July 24, 2019, 01:00 UTC

    The agenda for the discussions can be accessed at:
    For those of you who can’t make either meeting, I will summarize the discussions and include them later this week with the group status documents at this address:
    I hope you can join me tomorrow.



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    Hi Dave ,
    I skipped a few RDA meetings since Barcelona, and also the last telecon
    meeting  two days ago.
    Is it planned to have a Provenance meeting in the next RDA plenary in
    I would be happy to join, and possibly propose an update on the
    Provenance description we have finalised in the Virtual Observatory
    project for tracking provenance metadata of astronomical data sets.
    Mathieu Servillat and the CTA group at LUTH, Observatoire de Paris  is
    also very much involved in the capture of provenance metadata within the
    Cerenkoxy Telescope Array project, during the elaboration of the
    pipeline. This aspect of  “provenance built-in”, as the design of the
    pipeline makes progress, is taken into account in our specification.
    Other projects are tracking the provenance information after the
    pipeline has been run, with the goal to rebuild the provenance metadata
    a posteriori. We have been discussing this aspect, and tried a few
    implementations in this direction.
    Best regards , Mireille Louys.

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