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RDARI: Gaborone, Data Science Journal and couple of reminders

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    Ville Tenhunen

    Hi all,
    I hope you are all well and your summer has been a good one.
    Here is some news and reminders about RDA Researach Data Architectures
    in Research Institutions IG.
    1. Gaborone session proposal has accepted
    Our TAB liasion Rainer Stotzka has informed us that our session proposal
    has been accepted by the Technical Advisory Board (TAB). So, we have a
    session and we can start to prepare presentations 🙂
    One main topic in our session will be ”Storage architectures,
    challenges, and use cases” and there is still some space in the program
    for case presentations. If you have a project or similar and liket to
    share ideas, best practices or lessons learned in the session (for
    example with lightning talk style), please let me know.
    TAB is now scheduling sessions and we will should hear about the
    timetable in mid August.
    International Data Week 2018, and 12th Plenary of the RDA, will take
    place on 5-8 November in Gaborone, Botswana
    2. Call For Papers Data Science Journal: Special Collection on Research
    Data Alliance Results
    RDA Secretary General Hilary Hanahoe has reminded us that RDA is
    currently advertising a *call for papers to be published in the CODATA
    Data Science Journal (DSJ) special collection dedicated to RDA outputs*.
    The special collection aims to collect and give visibility to research
    results and outcomes stemming from RDA activities.
    The deadline for submission is September 1st 2018 and publication fees
    will be offered to the first 6 papers accepted (as part of the RDA
    Europe grant). Detailed information is available on the RDA website at
    and the CODATA DSJ page dedicated to the collection is available at
    3. Governance survey
    We have discussed about the governance survey and we have a roadmap for
    it (please check the minutes of the last web meeting). Next step is to
    collect questions and classified them.
    So, please make your question proposal here:
    4. Next meeting
    Next web meeting will take place mid August, after we will have
    information about plenary session. Please, give your answer to the
    Doodle poll before end of the July here:
    There is dates and times for different time zones. If it is needed, we
    can have couple of discussions.
    Currently the most popular time for the web meeting is 20th August 22:00
    With the best regards from the unusually hot Helsinki,

    Mr. Ville Tenhunen, puh./tel. +358 294 140 102, +358 50 576 2862
    Researcher! Make a better Academy of Finland Data Management Plan
    by sending it to ***@***.***. UH Data Support’s Data
    Management Plan commenting service is open until 19.9.2018.

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