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AW: [rda-rdari] Next steps after Gaborone

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    Uwe Konrad

    Hi Ville,
    thanks for the summary for those not having the chance to participate, especially to Rosella! Using the DMP as starting point and preserving those data for the further processing is a good idea! Hope to have the chance to be there in Philadelphia.
    Best regards.
    HZDR, Germany
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    Betreff: [rda-rdari] Next steps after Gaborone
    Hi all,
    Firstly. Thank you about the Gaborone sessio of the RDARI IG. Again we had more slides than we had time to present. Time went to the discussion about interesting things.
    For thos who had not possibility to participate International Data Week and RDA plenary, Rossella Aversa has made the meeting notes here:
    Thank you Rossella!
    Couple of things:
    1. Next plenary session
    RDA has opened the call for sessions in next RDA Plenary to be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 2nd to 4th April 2019.
    Caal has opened on 16 November 2018 and it will close 5 January 2019.
    This means that we have make some decisions about Philadelphia.
    2. Theme for the Philadelphia session
    If we are going to apply the session in Philadelphia, we need topic. We will build the programme for the session based on this topic. Our topic in Gaborone was ”Storage architectures, challenges, and use cases”.
    We will discuss about this on next web meeting, but I propose that we make discuss about this issue via email also. Which topic you like to discuss in Philadelphia?
    3. Next web meeting.
    I have prepared the Doodle to solve when we can arrange the next web
    Please make your choises before end of this month (30th November).
    Short agenda proposal:
    – Shor Gaborone recap
    – Governance survey and news from Gaborone (James participated in Gaborone the meeting of the IG working on questionnaires)
    – Prepairing the Philadelphia session application
    – Topic for the Philadelphia
    – RDARI IG co-chair issues
    4. The new co-chair of the group
    As I informed in Gaborone, we have two empty seats for new co-chairs of the IG (but unfortunately no for Europeans, because me and James comes from there).
    Keith Russel from Australian Research Data Commons has voluteered to act as co-chair. Keith has been active member of the IG and I think it is a good idea that he would act as co-chair.
    I propose that we discuss about co-chair issue also in next web meeting and if there is not any obstacles (like more than 2 new co-chair candidates), we can confirm the new co-chair for the RDARI IG.
    This also means that if you are interested in to act as a co-chair of the group, please inform us.
    Have a nice weekend!
    With the best regards,

    Ville Tenhunen, puh./tel. +358 294 140 102, +358 50 576 2862

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