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Cost Recovery Patterns, quick scan of the interviews done

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    Eefke Smit

    Dear Ingrid, Simon and Anita, dear All,
    As agreed in the meeting we had this week, I made a quick scan of the responses of the 23 interviewed data repositories. And summarized what I found the most salient points. See the attached ppt.
    As a caveat: I did it in a very rough and superficial analysis, rounding of the approximate percentages for overlaps in answers. To quote Anita: in the (sloppy) way that journalists tend to work.
    Nevertheless, I found the overall picture very interesting, especially as an outsider as I did not do any of the interviews.
    Feel free to use any of the power points slides for whatever purpose you can think of.
    Hope all of this is useful,
    Best regards,
    Van: ingrid.dillo=***@***.*** [mailto:***@***.***] Namens Ingrid Dillo
    Verzonden: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 3:35 PM
    Aan: ***@***.***
    Onderwerp: [rdawds-cost-recovery] RDA area clustering : feedback needed
    Dear group members,
    The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) of the RDA has endorsed an area cluster model that should bring clarity to the RDA activities particularly for the external community. The document is attached. TAB now seeks feedback on this document and poses us two specific questions:
    1. Do you agree with the location of our IG Cost Recovery in Q4?
    2. Which 3-5 tags best describe our IG activities?
    Please send me your feedback and comments by next Monday, 23 February. This feedback will be incorporated into a coordinated response of the overall IG Publishing Data.
    Best wishes,


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