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Humanities outreach at DH and proposed PID Collections WG

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    Hi all,
    Sorry for having to drop off the call early yesterday. As promised here
    is a little info on recent activities.
    DH outreach
    Thanks to help from Ingrid Mason and Stefanie Kethers of ANDS (and
    Candice and Yolanda for the flyer) we had a good RDA meetup at DH2015 in
    Australia. There were about 10 – 15 attendees (we were competing with
    lunch) and all expressed interest in becoming engaged in RDA. We
    provided direction on how to sign up and get involved with WG and IG
    activity. From the purely RDA-US perspective it was perhaps a little
    less successful, since US attendance at DH was generally low this year
    and most of the attendees of the meetup were from Europe or Australia,
    although we did have one Canadian researcher. Most people who attended
    had not heard of RDA before, and it’s clear that researchers may not
    understand/perceive the benefits of their work within RDA yet. But we
    had a good discussion about infrastructure and why it’s important for
    humanities researchers to be engaged in defining the problems and
    solutions. I encouraged people to add use cases to the Humanities
    coordination group wiki page
    and to review and contribute to discussions on the wiki on outcomes and
    case statements. The ADHO steering committee chair, John Nerbonne,
    attended and asked that we keep the conversation between ADHO and RDA
    going. It’s not clear exactly what form that will take yet.
    Proposed PID Collections Working Group
    Tobias Weigel and Thomas Zastrow and I have submitted a case statement
    for a new PID Collections working group. It’s in the community comments
    stage right now and we’re eager to get feedback.

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