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Workshop “RDA for Health and Medical Data”

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    Joerg Geiger

    Dear friends,
    RDA has organized a workshop on Medical Data which will take place on Wednesday 26 April 2023 at 11:00 UTC via Zoom.
    Aims and objectives
    The community cross-fertilisation workshop series is part of the RDA’s strategic plan to celebrate and commemorate its 10th Anniversary in 2023. The workshops bring RDA groups (Working groups, Interest groups and Communities of Practice) together to discuss the future of health and medical data within the community over the next two years. 
    During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to answer and discuss the following questions:

    What are the main challenges associated with managing health and medical data that need to be addressed? 
    How can the RDA community groups address these challenges over the next two years? 
    What health and medical data initiatives (resources, tools, services, organisations, and communities) should the RDA community be aware of? 

    Benefits for participants and the RDA community 
    The community cross-fertilisation workshop, ‘RDA for Health and Medical Data’, will allow the RDA community to: 

    Showcase and celebrate group efforts and achievements to date within the theme of health and medical data. 
    Learn about and connect with groups and members that they may not otherwise be familiar with. 
    Identify gaps, needs, and challenges within the RDA community, and exchange knowledge, experience, and ideas to address them.
    Strengthen collaboration between groups, and define and align future goals, activities, and outputs. 
    Have a voice to direct future RDA community efforts within the theme of health and medical data over the next two years. 

    Along with the announcement a call for contributions has been issued on the topic of “Health and Medical Data”.
    Please leave your comments and contributions in the Q&A document before April 17.
    Please let us know if you plan to attend to the workshop by email also befor April 17.
    Best wishes
    Freyja and Joerg

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