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Use Cases and Software Source Code Identification

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    Daniel S. Katz

    Remote Access Link:
    Collaborative Notes Link:

    Introduce the WG (objects, outputs, connections with other RDA WGs/IGs, etc.) (~10 min)

    Present initial use cases for software source code identification (~10 min)

    Audience may suggest additional use cases

    Present types of software source code identifiers (with short presentations from different TBD people about each): (~15 min)

    DOIs (M. Fenner)

    IDOs (hashes, SWH-ID, etc)


    Wikidata entities


    Registry identifiers (ASCL-ID, RRID, SwMath-ID, etc.)

    Small group discussion per software citation use case: For each, documenting the use case, and the challenges, pros, and cons of different identifiers for that use case (~25 min)

    Report-back, bringing discussions together (~15 min)

    Discussion (~15 min)

    Feedback to the group’s progress and future activities

    Feedback to associated groups and activities 

    Wrap-up (~5 min)

    Additional links to informative material
    The case statement of the WG 
    The wiki of the WG
    (In addition to the conflicts noted below, we also request not to be scheduled at the same time as the Computational Notebooks BOF or the VRE-IG)


    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    Software Source Code IG

    Avoid conflict with the following group (3)
    PID IG

    Meeting objectives

    Collaborative Notes Link:

    The proposed session has the following objectives:

    To introduce the group to new audiences

    To talk about different types of identifiers that can be used for software, e.g. DOI, ARK, Handle, registry identifiers (SwMath-ID, ASCL-ID, HAL-ID, etc.), GitHub URLs, Software Heritage’s SWH-ID, Wikidata entity identifiers, etc. 

    To review collected identification use cases and collect new use cases.

    To review collected identification schemes 

    To document identification schemes used for specific use cases (continue a discussion started at FORCE2019’s Research Software Hackathon as a software artifact identification  mapping, where we started a bottom-up approach, naming “things” that can be referenced when trying to identify software, to build a use case to identifier mapping: [Use case] [Software entity/artifact and granularity level] [ID used])

    To discuss one of the contexts for which identifiers are of utmost importance: Citation of software projects for proper credit attribution

    To discuss challenges, pros, and cons of various identifiers for the various use cases  

    To seek input and feedback from participants and other RDA WGs/IGs for future activities

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