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NORF Landscape Report Open Consultation – Invitation

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    Dear all,
    We would like to share with you the invitation below on behalf of the National Open Research Forum.
    NORF is currently running an open consultation on its recent work to describe progress and challenges related to the National Open Research Landscape. Contributions are welcome both in terms of a consolidated response from organisations and individual responses from researchers and other stakeholders. Feel free to distribute the information below and please get in touch if you have any questions.
    Context and objectives
    Ireland’s National Open Research Forum (NORF) has been developing a National Open Research Landscape Report that aims to summarise progress and challenges in each of the areas outlined in Ireland’s National Framework on the Transition to an Open Research Environment. This work was conducted by NORF’s five Working Groups and the National Open Research Coordinator, with input from the NORF Steering Group and Funders Forum.
    A draft version of the report has been made available as a public Google document for open community review and consultation:
    NORF is seeking feedback on the report to ensure it reflects the views and experiences of the stakeholders involved and is also running a brief survey to capture responses to a broader set of questions.
    This consultation marks the beginning of a National Action Planning exercise running throughout 2021.
    Opportunities to contribute
    A. Open comments on the draft report:
    Individuals and institutions/organisations from the research community in Ireland are invited to provide comments on the National Open Research Landscape Report to ensure accuracy and completeness. Feedback can be recorded via Google document comments (preferred method) or by emailing the National Open Research Coordinator, Dr Daniel Bangert (***@***.***). Feedback will be used to revise and finalise the report.
    B. Survey on opportunities for national coordination:
    A brief survey is being conducted to collect broad input on areas that could benefit from coordination at a national level. This is an opportunity for individuals and institutions/organisations to inform the approach taken to developing a National Action Plan and ensure adequate representation and consultation for the next steps. Anonymised responses will be shared publicly as part of a summary of the Landscape Report consultation process. Survey link: (a pdf of the survey is also attached for reference).
    The consultation period runs from 30 March to 7 May 2021.
    In case of any questions, please contact Dr Daniel Bangert, National Open Research Coordinator (***@***.***).
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