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New course about research data management – Documentation and anonymization of research data

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    SRCE, in cooperation with the Croatian Science Foundation and the National and University Library in Zagreb, created a new online course about research data management called Documentation and anonymization of research data, which is available on the SRCE educational portal.
    The course is for researchers, professors, and students who want to learn more about a Data Management Plan (DMP), which is mandatory for Croatian Science Foundation projects. In addition, the course is for librarians who support their users during the application process for scientific projects.
    The course is divided into three parts:

    creation of the Data Management Plan
    documentation of research data
    anonymization of research data.

    Anyone can enrol the course and no prior knowledge and skills are required, but if participants want to get to know the course material better, it is recommended they first go through the Research Data Management course, which can be found in the category Platforms, tools and good practices in the research life cycle. In that category users can find all the necessary information and a list of currently available courses related to research data management throughout the data life cycle.
    During the course, participants will gain additional knowledge about the process of creating and preparing the Data Management Plan, the importance of additional research documentation such as the ReadMe file, and conducting the anonymization of research data.
    Enrollment and duration of the course are not time-limited, and participants can attend the course at their own pace. All parts of the course are open at the same time, and participants can go through all parts of the course or view only the parts of the course that interest them.
    Participants who have gone throw the course materials and pass all knowledge tests can download a certificate of course completion and a digital badge.
    The course is in the Croatian language and available through the SRCE online course system in the category Platforms, tools and good practices in the research life cycle.

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