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Next steps for Open Science Graphs

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    Helena Cousijn

    Introductions – Helena Cousijn (10 min)
    Overview of work done by the SKG-IF WG – Andrea Mannocci (15 min)
    The Reasearch Link Australia Graph – Amir Aryani (15 min)
    The DataCite PID Graph – Mike Bennett (15 min)
    FAIRCORE4EOSC – Paolo Manghi (15 min)
    Group discussion (20 min)

    Additional links to informative material

    Applicable Pathways
    The FAIR Agenda, Data Infrastructures – Organisational to Environments

    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    The goal of the Open Science Graphs Interest Group (OSG IG) is to build on the outcomes and broaden the challenges of the Data Description Registry Interoperability (DDRI) and Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) RDA Working Groups to investigate the open issues and identify solutions towards achieving interoperability between services and information models of Scientific Knowledge Graph (SKG) initiatives. The aim is to improve FAIRness of research data, and more generally FAIRness of science, by enabling the smooth exchange of the interlinked metadata required to access research data at the level of discovery-for-citation and at the level of the discovery-for-reuse. Such FAIRness and interlinkedness provide strong support for research integrity and research innovation.

    Group chair serving as contact person
    Helena Cousijn

    I Understand a Chair Must be Present at the Event to Hold the Breakout Session

    Meeting objectives
    In the session, different speakers will present the latest developments on the role of Scientific Knowledge Graphs in defining a framework to enable a seamless exchange of information between diverse initiatives. Information will be shared regarding different Scientific Knowledge Graphs, there will be feedback collection, and a chance for different stakeholders to engage and contribute. The group will:

    Share the latest initiatives in the data/article/software linking space, including the work Scholix did before concluding the work of the WG 

    Provide updates on the development of the Research Link Australia graph, the DataCite PID Graph, and the SKG work done in the FAIRCORE4EOSC project

    Get input on the next steps for the community to reach the goals for the group: 

    The main Scientific Knowledge Graphs initiatives have started to form a community and have identified common goals and challenges.The challenges identified will translate into recommendations and standards, and protocols can be defined and implemented by members of the IG. 

    Please indicate at least (3) three breakout slots that would suit your meeting.
    Breakout 10, Breakout 13, Breakout 16

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