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LDIG activities: This year and the year to come

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    Dear LDIG member,
    We are writing today to inform you about some recent and current LDIG activities and to look forward to next year.
    A summary of recent and current activities include:
    LDIG co-chair Helene N. Andreassen was awarded a RDA Domain Ambassador grant in 2023. This grant helped finance much of our work this past year, including:

    T-Recs promotion: 

    We conducted an email-a-thon that shared The Tromsø recommendations for citation of research data in linguistics with 50 journal editors—encouraging them to include data citation in their requirements to authors. While we did not have a lot of responses, seven journals did respond and now include the T-Recs in their guidelines to authors. There are plans to conduct another email-a-thon in the coming year.

    In conjunction with the RDA Domain Ambassador grant, LDIG was able to hire an illustrator who will create illustrations that can be used in T-Recs promotion materials. The goal is to have these finished by the end of the year.

    RDA Plenary 20 in Gothenburg, Sweden: Helene N. Andreassen represented LDIG at the Plenary in her role as an RDA Domain Ambassador. She actively participated in the satellite events Global research Commons: Europe and beyond (organised by RDA and EOSC Future) and the RDA Norway Networking event Implementing cultural and structural change.

    Open Science + RDM survey: LDIG is currently developing a survey to measure the knowledge and uptake of various open science practices among linguists. We thank all LDIG members who have helped pilot the study. The global launch of the survey is planned for the end of this year/early next year. 

    RDA Plenary 21 in Salzburg, Austria: LDIG will be holding an interest group session at the upcoming RDA plenary (23-26 October). The main goal of the session will be to finalize the open science practices survey and design a plan for the launch.

    Looking forward to the coming year of LDIG:

    First, we would like to share with you all that Andrea Berez-Kroeker has needed to step down from her role as LDIG co-chair to focus on other things. Andrea has been an essential force in LDIG since its inauguration and she has been instrumental in spreading awareness about open science and data sharing in linguistics. We wish her the best of luck in the coming year(s) and we hope we are able to do her legacy justice.


    In order to create a robust LDIG for the future, we are seeking two additional co-chairs to help us carry out the goals of LDIG and to help us promote Open Science across linguistics. These additional co-chairs should be from countries/global regions other than Scandinavia to ensure geographic diversity. If you are interested in becoming a co-chair or know someone who might, please send an email to Helene ( and Lindsay ( We are happy to discuss more with you the expected duties and time commitment. 


    Over the next year, we want to create an LDIG environment where the group members feel engaged and active, where activities and goals of the group are to a larger extent member-driven. In order to achieve this, we aim to facilitate various types of activities where members can contribute with their expertise and learn about various aspects of Open Science. We invite all members to help make linguistics a more open science. 

    Some ideas we have for early next year: 

    Member meeting to be held at the beginning of the year. An agenda about possible LDIG activities in 2024 will be sent out for comments and feedback.

    We aim to establish several working groups that can work to tackle current issues, e.g. related to education, technology, and available linguistic resources. 

    We wish to reach out to people who could be interested in becoming an LDIG member.

    T-Recs email-a-thon (2nd round)

    We wish you a great week!
    Best regards,
    Helene & Lindsay

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