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IG for Surveying Open Data Practices

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    1. Introductions and Context Setting (10 minutes)
    Ingeborg Meijer, University of Leiden
    Federica Rosetta, Elsevier
    This context setting presentation reviews the IG’s three objectives and summarizes the main finding / potential directions.
    The growth of survey data over the last five years has made a significant contribution to characterizing the construction of the knowledge ecology for open data. Yet, our analysis of survey instruments concludes that aggregation and comparative analysis is difficult, and geographic coverage is uneven. Specifically, the practices and perceptions of respondents from the Global South is underrepresented (see The introduction will discuss efforts toward developing an interoperable survey and enabling secondary analysis of survey datasets.
    2. A Framework for Open Data Surveys  (5 minutes)
    David O’Brien,, International Development Research Centre
    Current survey instruments are relatively silent on the underlying conceptual frameworks that may have informed their development. This presentation introduces the Institutional Assessment and Development (IAD) Framework developed by Elinor Ostrom. The use of such a framework serves two purposes: it supports the development of modular surveys by identifying categories of survey questions; and the conceptual framework identifies causal relationships among categories of questions to assist research and policy analysis. 
    3. A proposed standardized survey instrument  (20 minutes)
    Ms Anelda van der Walt, Talarify,, ORCID: 0000-0003-4245-8119
    Louise Bezuidenhout, University of Oxford,, ORCID: 0000-0003-4328-3963
    Thomas Hervé Mboa Nkoudou, University of Ottawa,, ORCID: 0000-0001-9678-7765 
    This presentation will introduce a survey instrument for assessing research data sharing practices developed to be both interoperable and re-usable.  The project team will discuss three aspects of the survey instrument: interoperability; re-usability; and the roll-out and re-use experiences. The survey is developed with the IAD framework in mind and is rolled out initially in English, French, and Portuguese in 8 African countries. All outputs of the project (including the proposal, survey instrument, data, analysis scripts and more) are made available under open licenses in openly accessible repositories to facilitate reproducibility, transparency, and re-use.
    4. Facilitated Discussion (50 minutes)
    The IG co-chairs will outline their Recommendations Brief that reflects on the IG’s learning and insights. This document will help structure a forward-looking discussion with RDA and external stakeholders to identify possible next steps as this IG concludes its work.
    Invited speakers include:
    Matthew Lucas, RDA Funders Forum Co-chair
    Sepo Hachigonta, African Open Science Platform lead at the National Research Foundation, South Africa
    Dimitris Koureas, RDA TAB

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    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    The IG was established to convene interested parties to explore interest in and feasibility of promoting a coordinated approach to the development and analysis of open data sharing surveys.* At sessions in Gaborone and Helsinki, we convened RDA members who had launched surveys to better understand the data sharing practices and perceptions globally. Consultations outside of RDA plenaries invited experts to contribute to a standardized survey instrument to support comparability of findings. A pilot of this open survey instrument is underway.   
    See Agenda description for further details

    Group chair serving as contact person
    David O’Brien

    Meeting objectives
    Background and overview
    The Interest Group on Surveying Open Data Practices draws attention to the growth of global and national-level surveys as a lens to characterize how researchers’ practices and perceptions toward open data shape the knowledge ecology in different jurisdictions and disciplines.
    The IG was established to convene interested parties to explore interest in and feasibility of promoting a coordinated approach to the development and analysis of open data sharing surveys. The IG is interested in the potential of harnessing the insights from survey data to inform policy and practice.
    This concluding IG Session has two objectives. First, to discuss the main outcomes of the IG’s work, and second, to explore how the RDA might position itself to monitor and potentially shape survey data on research data management and data sharing on an ongoing basis.
    The Session will open with three short presentations and conclude with a discussion on how the RDA community might position itself to utilize the inter-operable survey instrument and monitor related surveys that report on research data management and data-sharing trends.

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