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GORC IM WG 22 February 2024 Meeting Recap

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    CJ Woodford

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting earlier today, and especially or our speakers Maarten, Wolmar, Philipp, and Rory! We heard overviews on how SURF and ELIXIR are bringnig the model into their organizations to help frame discussions, start new projects, map existing projects, and focus on interoperability. We also heard how REASON, a proposed national research commons for Norway, is built based on the GORC model and took a comprehensive approach to using the model for their proposal and planning. There were some great discussions on how a maturity model for the GORC model could help provide additional guidance on how to implement the model in practise and how the model, even in its current state, is a great holistic starting point for thinking baout interoperability internally and externally for commons.
    For those who would like to catch up on what happened in the meeting, the meeting recording is available and I’m working on fleshing out the rolling notes today. You can find links to all of the material used in the meeting in the rolling notes and on our Group Meetngs wiki page, which includes versions hosted locally on RDA if you can’t access Google documents.
    We did not have time to discuss what will happen next for the GORC IM WG or our proposed new WGs, so stay tuned for our next meeting on 28 March 2024 at 13:00 UTC! I will mention that the two new proposed WGs are a Health Data Commons GORC profile WG (see BoF proposal, case statement) and a GORC Maturity Model WG (case statement to come!). If you’re interested in either of these, please take a look at the current documentation or email me at We’ll have time to discuss them directly in our March meeting, as well as other ideas for future work and how it all fits together.
    Lastly, everyone is invited to provide feedback on the following deliverable from the EOSC Semantic Interoperability Task Force (shared by Wolmar):

    The EOSC Association’s Semantic Interoperability Task Force is pleased to invite the wider research community to comment on its forthcoming final report and recommendations “Developing and implementing the semantic interoperability recommendations of the EOSC Interoperability Framework”. We warmly welcome your comments and feedback through the PREreview open peer review platform by Friday 1 March. Link to PREreview:


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