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FAIR Principles for Research Hardware (FAIR4RH)

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    Julien Colomb

    Collaborative session notes:…
    – Introduction: The state of Open Hardware (OH) in academia
    – FAIR4RH group objectives: Adapting FAIR principles to OH — Why and how
    – Group achievements
    – Open discussions

    Applicable Pathways
    FAIR, CARE, TRUST – Principles

    Are you willing to hold your session at multiple times to accommodate various time zones?

    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    Research Data Management in Engineering IG

    Avoid conflict with the following group (3)
    Persistent Identification of Instruments WG

    Contact for group (email)

    Group chair serving as contact person
    Julien Colomb

    Meeting objectives
    Present the new FAIR4RH interest group, introduce community with the group objectives and the first achievements, gain feedback, and attract new members.

    Please indicate the breakout slot (s) that would suit your meeting
    Breakout 1, Breakout 3, Breakout 5

    Please select breakout slot (s) for your (optional) second live session.
    Breakout 2, Breakout 4, Breakout 6, Breakout 7

    Short Group Status
    The interest group has just been initiated and the charter is still in a draft mode at the time of this submission. FAIR4RH has not been endorsed or recognized by the RDA Council yet. We aim to attract new members and encourage the discussion on the core topics of the group that will enable us to exchange the knowledge and to foster the group growth.

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