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RDA FAIR data maturity model: Guidelines & Workshop #7

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    Dear members of the FAIR data maturity group,
    The date of our first workshop of the year – workshop #7 – is fast
    approaching. We would like to remind you that this workshop will take place
    online [1] at 9.00 AM (CET) and 5.00 PM (CET) on the 13rd of February 2020.
    A batch of volunteer testers is busy comparing the indicators against their
    respective methodologies. The result of this exercise is going to be
    summarised into main outcomes and presented during our next workshop.
    Additionally, a handful of issues will be selected for discussion.
    On another topic, the editorial team continued developing the guidelines
    [2] and seek your feedback. Recently, a glossary was added to the document.
    The glossary gathers all the essential terms used in the indicators and
    proposes common understanding of those terms. On top of that, further work
    has been put into the description of the indicators and their assessment
    As this document – helping entities ensure or improve their potential to
    share/exchange data – will be a significant output of the WG, we encourage
    everybody to contribute to it. To share remarks and feedback you have the
    possibility to either comment or suggest edits.
    Also, don’t hesitate to comment on any other aspect of the work of the
    editorial team!
    The editorial team

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