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Plenary 08 notes and WG & IG information management

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    Amy Nurnberger

    Dear all,
    It was lovely to see those who were able to make it to Denver & the RDA
    Plenary 08. During that meeting we had some really great energy and idea
    generation, so thank you to everyone who participated! You can find the
    slides and notes (with pictures!) about that activity here:
    Coming out of that we wanted to be able to provide some structure and
    support for those who were ready to take the next stop in bringing those
    ideas into a formal working group.
    1) Teleconference support: RDA Secretariat says that because the generation
    of Working Groups is part of the ETHRD Interest Group activity that they
    are able to provide GoToMeeting Teleconference support. If you would like
    to take advantage of this, please contact the Secretariat (secretariat at
    rda-groups dot org) with the day and time that you need the services, and
    they will provide access instructions.
    2) Information management: I’ve put together a set of GDrive folders to
    coordinate both the IG and the WGs information. These follow a model that
    has been used successfully by the RDA/WDS data publishing groups.
    The top-level IG folder is here:
    Within this, you will find a folder called Working Groups (I’ve made it
    yellow, but that might just appear on my interface)
    Within this folder there is a folder for each of the discussed possible
    Working Groups, as follows (please feel free to change the name of your
    – Archives
    – High School
    – Library Professionals
    – Living Paper
    – Machine Learning
    – Social Skills
    – Text Data Mining TDM Education
    These folders contain further exciting opportunities for organization such
    as Archives (where you’ll find pictures of your Brainstorming sheet), Case
    Statement (the perfect place to start that draft!), Deliverables (look
    ahead 12-18months, what might be in there?), Meetings (for all of your
    Plenary or similar mtg applications/proposals, slides, notes, etc),
    Resources (yes, those!), and Telecons (agenda, notes, arrangements,
    recordings, whatevs). Please feel free to make use of this structure as you
    see fit – add, adapt, ignore.
    We’ll be reaching out to those who self-identified as interested in these
    groups over the next few weeks. But, please, don’t think you have to wait
    for that – The TDM group did not, and they’ve already had their first call!
    So, I’m really excited about the next steps the rest of us can take in
    these developing areas.
    Amy, ETHRD IG co-chair
    Amy Nurnberger, Research Data Manager
    Center for Digital Research and Scholarship
    Columbia University / 212.851.2827
    E-mail: ***@***.***
    ORCID: 0000-0002-5931-072X
    Twitter: @DataAtCU

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    Correction on teleconference support:
    Please send the day and time that you need the services to
    On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 5:13 PM, Amy Nurnberger

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