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Domain Repositories IG – RDA Plenary4 Meeting Application

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    We propose two sessions of the Domain Repositories Interest Group for RDA Plenary 4.
    In the first session we will have ~10 minute presentations from senior representatives of Domain Repositories in which they will describe their remit, current activities, funding model, and concerns. We will solicit contributions from across the RDA in order to achieve a balance of representation from different disciplines. Potential presenters include:

    George Alter, ICPSR (social science)
    Ruth Duerr, NSIDC (geoscience)
    Francoise Genova, CDS (astronomy)
    Bill Michener or Rebecca Koskela, DataOne (earth/environmental science)
    Todd Vision or Jane Greenberg, Dryad (evolutionary biology)
    Peter Fox, Deep Carbon Observatory (earth/environmental science)
    TBD (humanities)

    In the second session we will have a focused discussion on the following topics:

    Standards development in the context of Domain Repositories. Are there commonalities and how can RDA foster collaboration and coordination of these standards?
    How can the RDA help foster best practices in Domain Repositories?
    What role might the RDA have in helping Domain Repositories gain long-term sustainability?
    Should the RDA Domain Repositories IG formally endorse the Domain Repositories White Paper (see attachment)? And/or generate a new document that incorporates a more global perspective?

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