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Rescuing scientific data! Join, support and connect.

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    Dear IG member,
    Those of you in or near Europe will be interested to hear about the following “Workshop on Data Rescue”. There is no registration fee. Anyone who wishes to attend may present a short account of a data-rescue project that was undertaken – whether fully successful or otherwise.
    Please spread the word!
    Kind regards,
    Elizabeth Griffin
    (Emerita Chair, IG on Data Rescue)
    On Friday May 18 one-day (free) Workshop on “Data Rescue” is being held at the Rutherfored-Appleton Laboratory at Harwell, following the 3-day conference “PV2018” [], which takes place there from May 15-17.
    We hope very much to welcome to the Data Rescue Workshop researchers and data managers from a wide selection of science disciplines and activities. I know you have an interest in this topic and may well have contacts who are potentially interested and who could spread the word. We would be very grateful if you could forward this message widely.
    We would also welcome sponsors of the event, to help offset travel costs where needed.
    With best wishes,
    Elizabeth Griffin

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