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Invitation: Technical Meeting (late 04/2024) and Samples hackathon 29.04. 9 PM

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    Martina Stockhause

    Dear members of the RDA complex citations working group,

    as our group email is still not working and the last post has disappeared, we hope to reach at least some of you with this post today.

    We are inviting you to two meetings:

    1. 1. a technical meeting organized by Justin
      and James and
    2. 2. a Physical Samples hackathon organized by
      Joan and the ESIP Physical Samples Cluster.

    Please find the two announcements below.

    Best wishes,
    Martina, Shelley and Lesley

    1. Technical Meeting

    We are inviting you to a technical meeting of the complex citations working group to look at the PID graph needed to achieve the groups goals. Within the UK Environmental Data Service a project called Boost-EDS led by Louise Darroch has been looking at the complex citation PID graphs for existing use cases and we would like to report these results back to the working group for feedback and iteration. There are key questions to address like how to compress the graph to meet the needs of PID indexers and how to ensure the appropriate attribution of credit.

    Target attendees

    <ul type=”disc”>

  • IPCC user
  • The UK
    project working on complex citations (Boost-EDS)
  • Other use
  • The graph
    indexing groups
  • Journal
    representatives to ensure the graph meets their needs
  • Draft agenda

    <ul type=”disc”>

  • The IPCC
    use case and example Zenodo record
  • The uses
    cases and harmonizing the graph
  • Expanding
    the graph for a broad set of group use cases
  • How this
    can be applied to the current Zenodo examples
  • Actions
  • Outcomes

    <ul type=”disc”>

  • A draft
    common graph to underpin a new iteration of current prototypes
  • If you would like to attend please could you fill in the poll:

    <ul type=”disc”>

  • The meeting it timed so we can report results at the next virtual RDA plenary. We hope you can join, the goal is to move inform and help the use cases move forward in line with infrastructure requirements from the indexers and PID graph experts..


    Justin Buck he/him/his Principal Robotics Engineer

    National Oceanography Centre, Joseph Proudman Building, 6 Brownlow Street, Liverpool, L3 5DA
    +44 (0)151 795 4894

    2. Physical Samples hackathon

    We decided in our last ESIP Physical Samples Cluster call that we needed to focus on getting a collaborative paper submitted, and wait a month for this hackathon. The samples focused complex citation hackathon is planned for 29 April 21:00-23:00 UTC. I will follow up with more information on the agenda and goals for the meeting.

    Thank you!


    Joan E. Damerow

    Research Scientist

    Earth & Environmental Sciences Area

    Lawrence Berkeley
    National Lab

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