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RDA Group Directory

The Research Data Alliance accomplishes its mission primarily through Communities of Practice, Working Groups and Interest Groups. In order to allow new members to understand what technical and social infrastructure solutions RDA groups are developing, and which scientific disciplines may benefit of RDA Group outcomes, this filter has been created to allow you identify which RDA group(s) might be more useful for your research.
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Working Group
Harmonised terminologies and schemas for FAIR data in materials science and related domains WG
Stage: Getting Started
Chair(s): Gerhard Goldbeck
The focus of the WG is on increasing uptake of the FAIR Principles in materials research (in particular in connection with Interoperability and Reusability), supported by improved resources, in particular widely-agreed and FAIR terminologies, metadata and ontologies. While the main focus of the WG is in the material sciences, close interactions with cognate domains, in…
Community of Practice
Improving Earth and Environmental Sciences Data
The Improving Earth and Environmental Sciences Data evolves from the RDA/ESIP Earth, Space, and Environmental Science Interest Group. We are currently developing our "agreement" statement. The chairs have not been decided yet.
Working Group
Publisher Guidance for Availability Statements in Scholarly Publications WG
Stage: Not Yet Endorsed
Chair(s): Catriona MacCallum
The RDA Scholarly Publishing community is interested in developing guidelines for Availability Statements for digital objects, specifically data. In short, Availability Statements in scholarly publications could be more structured and FAIR. Through this work we will review the status of current guidance, what authors are providing, and the gap with desired outcomes. The desired outcome…
Interest Group
Understanding and Capturing the Uptake of Digital Research Infrastructure IG
Chair(s): Stefanie Kethers
This IG follows on from a BoF session held at RDA Plenary 21 / IDW in Salzburg, Austria, in October 2023, where a number of participants expressed an interst in establishing an RDA group on this topic. Related material: Session description: Collaborative session notes:
Working Group
Wind Energy Community Standards WG
Stage: Getting Started
Chair(s): Sarah Barber
Secretariat Liaison: Bridget Walker
The goal of the WG is to reduce data management overhead within and between organisations working with wind energy. This will be done by firstly creating a recommendation “Guidelines for improving FAIR data maturity in wind energy in practice”. This will then be used to create a wind energy FAIR Implementation Profile (FIP)1 , which…
Working Group
Building Immune Digital Twins WG
Chair(s): Anna Niarakis
Digital twins, customized simulation models pioneered in industry, are beginning to gain ground in medicine and healthcare, with some major successes in cardiovascular diagnostics and insulin pump control. Personalized computational models are also assisting in applications ranging from drug development to patient-tailored treatment optimization. Advanced medical digital twins will be essential to making personalized medicine…
Working Group
FAIRification of Genomic Annotations WG
Stage: Not Yet Endorsed
Chair(s): Sveinung Gundersen
The FAIRification of Genomic Annotations Working Group (WG) will focus on the challenges of harmonising metadata and software solutions to improve the discovery and reuse of publicly available “genomic annotation” data. Motivation: Since the completion of the Human Genome Project, we have witnessed an explosion of datasets annotating particular locations along reference DNA sequences with…
Working Group
Community-based catalogue of requirements for trustworthy Technical Repository Service Providers Working Group (TRSPs WG)
Chair(s): Wim HUGO
The Community-based catalogue of requirements for trustworthy Technical Repository Service Providers Working Group (TRSPs WG) will address a significant need in the community of data repositories and associated services worldwide: how to extend the umbrella of trust, as exemplified by formal certification authorities such as ISO and CoreTrustSeal, to a wider group. The working group…
Interest Group
Digital Twins IG
Chair(s): Timea Biro
Welcome to the RDA working space dedicated to Digital Twins.