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RDA Group Directory

The Research Data Alliance accomplishes its mission primarily through Communities of Practice, Working Groups and Interest Groups. In order to allow new members to understand what technical and social infrastructure solutions RDA groups are developing, and which scientific disciplines may benefit of RDA Group outcomes, this filter has been created to allow you identify which RDA group(s) might be more useful for your research.
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Working Group
Test Group
Chair(s): Ishany Balder
Secretariat Liaison: Ishany Balder
Coordination Group
RDA Secretariat
Day-to-day RDA operations and administrative tasks are carried out by the RDA Secretariat. Current staff performing this function for the RDA are: Name Organisation SkypeID Twitter Phone TimeZone Calendar Comments Hilary Hanahoe (Secretary General) Research Data Alliance Foundation hilary.hanahoe @hilaryhanahoe +39-334-9875702 (M) Central European Yolanda Meleco Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute yolanda.meleco1 +1 518 681 1971…
Working Group
Data Citation WG
Stage: Maintaining Deliverables
Chair(s): Andreas Rauber
The Data Citation WG has delivered its outputs and is now primarily focusing on supporting adoption by maintaining these outputs, assisting institutions in implementing the recommendations and sharing the lessons learned. The RDA Working Group on Data Citation (WG-DC) brings together experts addressing the issues, requirements, advantages and shortcomings of existing approaches for efficiently and…
Historical Group
Data Type Registries WG & #2
Stage: Maintaining Deliverables
Chair(s): Larry Lannom
DTR WG activity is currently paused while the topic of data type registries is under consideration by ISO as a potential standard. The next step in DTR work is clearly governance, regardless of the outcome of the ISO work, but if and when an ISO group comes into focus it will strongly influence the proper…
Historical Group
Data Foundation and Terminology WG
Chair(s): Gary Berg-Cross
Webinar - Connecting Data, Institutions and People: FAIR Digital Objects, RDA outputs and the design of the DiSSCo Research Infrastructure - 18 March 2021 The DFT WG task is to describe a basic, abstract data organization model which can be used to derive a reference data terminology that can be used across communities and stakeholders…
Historical Group
Practical Policy WG
Chair(s): Rainer Stotzka
Status: Recognised & Endorsed What is the Problem? Computer actionable policies are used to enforce management, automate administrative tasks, validate assessment criteria, and automate scientific analyses. The benefits of using policies include minimization of the amount of labor needed to manage a collection, the ability to publish to the users the rules that are being…
Historical Group
PID Information Types WG
Chair(s): Tobias Weigel
In complex data domains, unique and persistent identifiers (PIDs) associated with specific information are the core of proper data management and access. They can be used to give every data object (including collection objects) an identity that enables referring to the data resources and metadata and, additionally, to prove integrity, authenticity and other attributes. But…
Historical Group
Metadata Standards Directory WG
Chair(s): Jane Greenberg
Please note that the Metadata Standards Directory WG has now finished its term under RDA and has delivered its outputs. A follow-on WG has been created: Metadata Standards Catalog WG. The RDA Metadata Standards Directory Working Group is supported by individuals and organizations involved in the development, implementation, and use of metadata for scientific data.…
Historical Group
Community Capability Model IG
Chair(s): Liz Lyon
Update: The group is taking a break to regroup and create either a new IG or a revised IG around CCMs. For questions, please contact Liz Lyon [***@***.***] Status: Recognised & Endorsed The RDA Community Capability Model (CCM) Group collects, validates and publishes a range of data-centric “capability profiles” to enhance inter- and intra-domain interoperability…
Historical Group
Structural Biology IG
Stage: IG Established
Chair(s): Lucia Banci
Status: Recognised & Endorsed Structural Biology (SB) is concerned with the determination of the three-dimensional (3D) structures of individual biomacromolecules (proteins and nucleic acids), and with those of complexes and higher order structures formed by association of these individual components. The ultimate goal of SB is to understand the mode of action of these biological…
Historical Group
Defining Urban Data Exchange for Science IG
Chair(s): Walter Stewart
10/15/2014: The goals and work of this IG have been subsumed into the Urban Quality of Life Indicators Working Group. This IG is now retired at the request of its co-chairs. The goal of this Interest Group is to define urban data exchange for science.
Historical Group
Marine Data Harmonization IG
Stage: IG Established
Chair(s): Helen Glaves
Status: Recognised & Endorsed The objective of this interest group is to promote the development of a common global framework for the management of marine data. This has become a priority as ocean sciences are being becoming increasingly global in scope and there has been a paradigm shift in marine research from the traditional discipline…