RDA Virtual Plenary 18 draft programme now available

24 Sep 2021

Dear Group Co-Chairs,
The RDA Virtual Plenary 18 (VP18) draft programme is now available: https://www.rd-alliance.org/rdas-18th-plenary-meeting-programme. Please note that the Plenary dates have been revised to 3-11 November 2021.
If you cannot make the time slot allocated to you, please email ***@***.***-foundation.org to request a change by Friday 1 October, 17:00 UTC. From that point onwards, the schedule will be considered final and will be communicated to the wider community.
You may have been allocated a repeat session, if you indicated relevant interest upon submission. If you do not wish to hold a repeat session, please email ***@***.***-foundation.org by Friday 1 October, 17:00 UTC.
Please note that the session recordings will be available within 24-36 hours of your session ending on the event website. If you wish to re-use your session recording for your repeat session, please inform ***@***.***-foundation.org as soon as possible and before the 3rd of November, and we will do our best to prioritise making your recording available. Within 4-6 weeks after the event, all session recordings will be published on RDA's YouTube channel. Lastly, registration for the Plenary is now open: https://rdavp18.eventbrite.co.uk. A reduced, early bird rate is available until 25 October 2021.
We look forward to seeing you virtually in November!
Kind regards,
RDA Secretariat

  • Sandra Gesing's picture

    Author: Sandra Gesing

    Date: 30 Sep, 2021

    Dear all,
    we looked at the times for our two sessions and we are planned for Breakout
    1 and Breakout 10. We have a large community also in the Americas and these
    two breakouts are both bad for the Americas. Breakout 1 would be great for
    Europe and Australia but we would like to switch Breakout 10 for Breakout
    8. This breakout would fit well for the Americas and Europe.
    Sandra Gesing
    Scientific Outreach and DEI Lead
    Discovery Partner Institute
    University of Illinois Chicago
    Email: ***@***.*** <***@***.***>
    Phone: 1-312-668-9041
    On Fri, Sep 24, 2021 at 11:46 AM Secretariat via Virtual Research
    Environment IG (VRE-IG) <***@***.***-groups.org> wrote:

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